Thursday, December 1, 2011

End All or Be All

So I had a thought today. I thought, if God is loving and all powerful, there would be no suffering as He has the power to change it Himself. And because we are made in His image, we try to help each other as He, assumingly, would too. Still no sign of it. In fact, "the ways of God are not for man to know. Well then, how do YOU know that is so, if the ways of God are not for man to know?
If the Universe was God, there would be suffering, because we were all equal under the Universal principle that we exist within it's chaotic structure, so why wouldn't we suffer? I thought about the human principle of "If you know better or can help, then you should" which falls under the principle of "with great power comes responsibility". After all, that is how evolution allowed us to be here in the first place... our ancestors helped our own lineage to survive.  Anyway, I digress.
So, If there are people who believe in a God that pretty much has no hand in our day to day affairs, lets people starve and lets wars and dictators become the everyday norm, they pretty much decide not to help or intervene because the greater good, apparently wants the world to be this way... in other words, they don't want to help because they think their God will. However, those who think that nature is their God believe we should help each other and not wait for the miraculous hand to intervene... like it ever will, according to their logic. After all, "the Lord works in mystrious ways"... not at all. I mean, are we to believe that a storm that stops an invasion or that a disease that irradicates a people is a "miraculous intervention guided by Gods hand", or is it perhaps, nature doing it's thing? If so, then does that not make God and Nature one and the same thing? If you are going to wait for "God" or "Nature" to do it's thing, then why call it God to begin with? Why not just get up and help your fellow man in the mean time, before that "miracle" that somehow manages to kill people in their droves. How can that be "Good"? I somehow always think that religion must carry a bias, in order to make it an appealing group. Nature is not biased. I guess that is why so many flout religion these days... they don't want to alienate each other on their native planet, whether they be gay, black, Muslim, Christian, Atheist or any other condemned by exclusive religious law. Surely, if religion is your cup of tea, you'll  have a better chance of getting through the pearly gates if you accept, help and integrate rather than condemn, opress and single-out. Religion is supposed to reflect the good in your heart, not the Bad in your mind.
If the Universe/Nature and God are one and the same in the "ultimate end".. that same end that consists of "all God's children" whether the believe and repent or not, dying off and going towards their rapture or their cessation, depending on what you believe, then why not just accept and move on, while you are still alive? Have a good life and ensure that your fellow man does too? Why wait to be a good person? Wait for rewards after you die? Why not do it now and reap the benefits in "the next life"? Good is not exclusive... it's supposed to be easy. You have to work really hard to be a bastard, so I'm told :P

Perhaps religion is a wedge between nature and spirituality. Perhaps nature is a wedge between religion and apathy. Who knows? There will always be people who disagree, no matter what you believe or don't believe in. But keep an open mind. Try to understand.

That is all I wanted to say.

By the way, I am not singling out any one religion and continue to respect the beliefs of everyone. We are all equal and have the right to think, fell and practice whatever we want to... so long as it hurts no-one in the mean-time.

Good day :)