Sunday, February 19, 2012

Create a World

God is an important concept to me. Yeah, that may sound sad to say, at least to the stringently atheist of you out there. But I couldn't give a shit about what you think... And that's where the good concept starts. The god I care about is not an idol. It is a state of mind. I'll explain a little bit. First I want to talk about idols. Let's take a look at religious iconography for one. You look at a statue of Jesus or whatever and you see a collection of ideas or doctrines, you see boundaries and directives. When I see the long haired renaissance Jesus paintings, I see what was a shared vision of a lord, like some kind of land owner with conditions. In my mind, when you idolise a lord he represents a set number of values and the more you close in on them, the more narrow they become. After all, can one know a particle, fully? Its hard to understand the unknown! Is there a God particle? Can we ever find it?  Suddenly, The god is gone and you are left with laws. Lots of laws and directives that some really good stuff cones from... With belief though, not so good.  Restricted and bound, perhaps in a plaster cast shaped as a statue of Jesus. Or Buddha. Or whatever. Your ideas narrow. No wonder Muslims don't want Mohammed "represented". They must think we're completely nuts. As with God particles and God representations... The two just do not seem compatible. To me, at least. I really don't think even Jesus would have approved of the "idea" of God, you know, His father! God gave you simple directive; no idols! And what did you do? You made idols of an idea of an image of a collection of stories his friends gave you as third party! He'd be spinning in his tomb!  But anyway, I was saying that god was an important concept to me. Yes indeed, it is. I don't think of a god, a supreme omnipotent watcher with a big grey beard. I don't see anything. Clarity, hugeness, border less infinity and possibility are god to me. How much more loving can you get than freedom and chance, risk and reward? If you live someone, even a concept, set it free! Freedom of mind and body! Who needs a defined, limited set of laws trapped in an idol; a representation of someones vision? Too wrapped up on what god is it seems to me. There is no "is" or "it". And it's as simple as removing personal restrictions and concepts that puts you closer, I think. They say God created the world in seven days. He made a,b,c on the first day and x,y,z on the last. I do this every day. I create worlds in my mind and I go where I choose, behave in a manner that is fair to others and true to myself. And the funny thing? I don't want to kill anyone! Not sinner or saint. Not even someone who doesn't share my idea of god.  Now ain't that strange? I don't care about the Christian or muslim ideas of god no more than I care for Marx or Dawkins. They are all idols, equally. A bunch of ideas trapped in a man, or statue of one. Sure, they might have had good ideas at one stage, but ideas are personal things that spread like a virus; each strain gets stronger the more its spread and people scurry and get angrier looking for a cure and fight over the ideas. Ideas are poisonous when practiced by the ill. Well, Ill Of mind, at least! What a vicious cycle to be stuck in. Why would you choose to be angry anyway?  You need a fresh and open mind for unaffected, great ideas. And they can make you feel pretty feckin good when put into practice. But be careful who you share them with, ok? 

Sunday, February 12, 2012