Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sage and Onion

I'm going give you the best bit of advice and it's going to last you a lifetime

It'll be free of charge too, cuz one thing that bothers me is the multitude of ads that ask you to buy this or that as if it was really really important or something.

To be honest it's all trivial. All of that shit, all of that baggage is all just trivial. Useless.

So here it is.

But first I'm going to use my delicious brains to have a go at a few things I think are stupid and irrelevant. They seem to be enough to make most people run a fever but for me I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

On the most part, people just want to be let go. Left on their way to do shit. Just leave them alone and they'll do their thing.

Same goes for pretty much everything else that isn't mechanical or viral.

Ads just show the pushy nature man has inherited over the last couple of thousand years. Always being pushed into doing this or that... sometimes by convincing, sometimes by being bullied or constant "reminders". Same goes for some other stuff like Religion, Relationship, Work and Society, to name but a few.

So I'll have a crack at these few and then we'll see where we're at.


Religion is the pushiest thing when it comes to clinging on for importance. Scare tactics are used to keep the believers lining the pockets or adhering to the biased benefits of their organisation. "Obey or go to hell" is their reminder. Using the vast cluelessness of humanity to benefit a small few. "Bully women and go to heaven". What a weird weird idea. Persecute humanity in order to survive after you die. Who is silly enough to think "what a cracking good idea!"

Oh wait, it's billions, isn't it? :-/

Man doesn't want to give a shit about religion. They do however, want to know what happens after they die, because we're all a bit curious. I'll let you know; life goes on without you. You are remembered by your peers, siblings and friends until they themselves die off. If you're really lucky, you've come up with penicillin or the Theory of Relativity or something and you'll be remembered past your peers' deaths. Let it go. you might come up with something ground-breaking and you might not. But there's no reason worth missing out on your infinitesimally short life stressing over it, is there? "I want to believe there is something after death" - sure, believe it. But stop pressuring others to be a loon like you. It's okay to do your own thing. Let it go. Let us go. Some of us just want to live and then die. We don't want to spend our time convincing ourselves that the voice inside is someone else! Some of us say we believe in order to get rid of the minority of lunatics who keep going on about it. you want my opinion on death? You know that really deep sleep where you don't dream and generally don't give a shit about the outside world? That's what death is like. Why do you miss your bed while at work? Because you want to switch off. You want to be "brain dead". You want to let it go.


"If you love somebody set them free" is what Sting screamed in a song with a similar name. "If you love something, set it free..." "...If it's meant for you it'll come right back" is what Bubbles and Julian agreed on in Trailer Park Boys when Steve French, the mountain lion was in Bubbles' care. Everybody knows this in their hearts and yet try so hard to work against it. Truth be known, the more you pressure someone to stay by you, the more they want to get away. Seems to be men mostly that do this and women seem to be void of it, so I'll speak from a man's perspective. Guys that cling to their girl and get jealous over them for whatever reason are likely to do two things: drive the girl insane and make her less interested, or drive themselves insane with worry and confidence issues. Girls who do it to guys are going to do two things: Make him less interested the more they cling on and drive him away, or have personality issues due to high-expectation issues. To be honest, in either case, the only thing you can do to keep either party interested is to let them go. If you don't hound a guy with phone calls and visits, he will come to you or he won't. If he doesn't, it's time to move on and find someone who will. If you're a guy in this situation, you will find someone you want to come back to or you won't. But pressurising either sex into doing or behaving a way they don't want to, is a sure way of losing them. The heart is has two strengths... it's a strong pulley for grappling in those you love and it creates it's own emotional magnetic field, pulling in those worthy. Let it be and let it do it's thing and stop interfering.


Work is something everyone must do. I mean, as humans, we want to work. We need to. I am working while writing, because it fulfils a need (though not financially). We need tasks or else we'd just use our brains to create painful imaginary scenarios and conversations and generally cause ourselves a lot of stress. People seem to lack the ability to discriminate the difference between working for necessity and working for money. It's in us all to be creative, both academically and artistically and it is possible through a bit of determination to be paid for doing what you like. I, for example, made €1.85 in two weeks for writing blogs. I can now buy a can of coke and a packet of crisps. However, I now have to subsidise my lavish lifestyle with a regular income job in something that keeps my hands busy as well as my mind or else I will not be able to make ends meet (what these ends are, is anyone's guess) So I have had to let go of my ideal lifestyle in order to survive according to natural selection. If you think you are too good for any job, you are wrong. Even a solicitor must wipe their own arse so it's perfectly natural for someone who is of "higher class" to scrub once in a while. Let go of your double standards.


Society doesn't pressure us to conform and to fit in, we do it ourselves. One day, some bloke looked tidy with a short, cropped haircut and it made the rest of us hippies feel uncomfortable with ourselves. Then we all cut our hair and realised "actually, I quite liked long hair". Maybe our idealist girlfriend asked us to cut it and we went with it against our own desire to leave it (a classic sign of "let it go" if you ask me) or maybe that job we don't really like asked us (forcibly) to do it and we did it in order to keep it because it's rare to have a job these days - I DON'T KNOW! It could be any reason. Either way, all others do is suggest what we should do, it's up to us ourselves whether we go with it or resist. If we're being "forced" out of a situation because those close to us are putting the skids on, we are asked whether we want to let it go or not. If it's a personal situation, the other party may learn over time that letting go is much better than losing out.

The charts, fashion, music and particular personal standards are typically other ways of letting go, or roughing it and joining in. Personally speaking, I have had no choice but to let it pass by as each situation presents itself to me. There is talk about changing the charts the last few days. Every year, the manufactured music business gets the Christmas No.1. If you ask me, they always have. What is a Christmas No.1? A song that is made for Christmas. It is made to measure. Processed cheese is made to be convenient too... that's why everyone buys it. I don't buy cheese that has additives and I don't buy music that "competes" within a framework because it's too difficult to work within guidelines like this. It's hard on the heart and mind. OK, that's exaggerating but it is too difficult to fill myself up with this kind of anticipation and expectation. Fashion is fickle and changing. You try to keep up and your left thin and out of pocket, never truly happy because you need the next best thing. It's funny to see all these "individuals" looking so uniform and similar. Where does identity go, I mean, really? It's like "I must have long hair and a leather jacket to like rock music!" What a crock. I'll look how I want while listening to what I want, thank you very much. And if you want a boyfriend with "short hair" rather than one who actually puts up with your annoyances and insecurity, then be my guest. Break a leg.

Bottom line here is people just don't know how to live and let live. Let go, finish with your own issues and agendas and let those close to you (and indeed at other distances) deal with their how they like. The thing about advice that works is that you actually seek it yourself and aren't force-fed it by fanatics and idealists. Some will say in the same vein that this blog, in fact, carries double-standards of it's own. To those I say "Fuck you". If there weren't so many people around me worrying about this and that, harping on about how their way is better than anyone else's and about how one "should" look and behave, I would not have to write these things. If you really want to do that stuff, be my guest. Just leave it outside when we meet.

A side note:

As with business and product, I say that product that is worth acquiring, in general, should always be as simple as being highly beneficial and be at a low cost. Think of pharmaceuticals, staple foods, decent clothing. Unfortunately medical treatment and education are being charged through the roof though these days because greedy fuckers are manipulating humanities basic needs. Whereas unnecessary things like lowly beneficial, high cost things are given priority. think Lawyers, Insurance and Banking. This is a sad age we live in I think. Those obsessed with short-term benefits like money and material wealth are screwing it up for those who cannot get by without or do not have access to the basic essentials. The problem with people is the prioritise the wrong things. How these illusions appeal to anyone at all is mind-boggling. One day, you will lie under six feet of dirt and it all won't matter

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Right Thing Vs The Easy Thing

I am constantly confused by this.

That is to say, I have personally become a judge on morality, principle and responsibility due to the loud voice that screams from within me.

There are times when I find I just explode with anxiety... not the kind that you take tablets for, mind you, but the kind that makes it so that my mouth gets me into all manner of precarious discussions. When you talk to someone about their own personal values, it's like stepping into a veritable minefield. You are in unfamiliar land, blindfolded, looking for a foot pump. For many, it is easier to leave it be, to allow those with questionable morality to flout the values of others... emotional bullies.

That being said, I am a lover, not a fighter. The only thing that stands between love and me however, is this loud voice. Now I'm not talking about a schizophrenic voice that tells me I'm shit. Quite the opposite, actually. Just that niggling feeling that something needs to be said. Sometimes it occurs to me immediately, sometimes it doesn't and I meditate on it a while. In any event, it looks like I am a product of doing what I consider to be the right thing.

It would be easy in some circumstances, just to shut up and move on. Sometimes it would be easier to be tolerant of a situation or group of people which were different to that which I prefer. But long gone are the teenage years, the doubtful period when you just do not know what it is you want. Through trial and error, you learn what makes you comfortable and what makes you jittery. Some people never tire of certain routines or behaviours and others falter and resist like two similar magnetic polarities being pushed together. It's all right to clash, so long as you respect the barrier which cannot be crossed. This no-man's land is the minefield. Many brave men and women have tried to cross it and ended up seriously injured in their pursuits.

So it is known at some stage in your life that there are places you just will not cross into, for fear of being blown to smithereens. There is the right way of doing things and there is the easy way. The easy way, may just be your tolerance of a situation. You may be lucky to build up an immunity or rather a apathy to certain things. For others, it becomes a struggle of right vs wrong. They may find themselves in a situation with particular properties. They may repeat it again and again and find it doesn't work for them. they may also notice that it similarly doesn't work for others, by learning to gauge their own sensitivity. then this recurring situation may become so ridiculous that they feel the need to point out what is "wrong" with it according to them. This is me. I am however, open to correction, but I find in the majority of situations I am seldom off by much. I guess my resistance to how I feel is low. I just have to go with gut instinct at this stage. Some things that seem normal enough just seem ludicrous to me at times. But enough on that, this place is full of such musings.

So it would seem to me that many people just "tolerate" some situations because it's easier than making any definite decision. The mind boggles at this. It's easier not to decide what is right for you. OK, so when human emotion is invited into the sequence, you find that you're full of empathy... you have known someone that suffered under their similar decision before. You don't want to feel that way because it looked bad, so you resolve to never make any decision that will affect you the same way. I was like this once... thought you could cruise through life so long as you were patient and tolerant of things, even that which was the polar opposite of my own values.I didn't want to suffer pain, therefore created something one hundred fold because I neglected to make a decision. Maybe it's just older people who refrain from this maddening behaviour... but then why all the gossip columns and agony aunts??

It seems to me that some people are genuinely surprised when things don't fit their "grand scheme", when they get jilted by lovers or when they realise their work is not rewarding. There are very few people who make the right decision rather than the easy one. It's easy to be neglectful, ignorant and even falsely tolerant to a degree, but it is far harder to say what you feel is right because you may or may not face ridicule as a result. remember, "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of". Fear is the reason people don't make the right decisions... and remember, right isn't a collective value, it's personal. Yeah, there are a few nutjobs out there who did what they thought was "right" by slaughtering a few million of their own people, but not everyone is crazy. OK, it seems to me that the majority of people don't think slaughtering one person is right, let alone a few million so we can safely scratch that off the "right" list. However, I would call on everyone to question their own values while supporting governments who send people in to do their killing for them. Is it right to kill all these people? Is it easy? Hmmm. easier when you're not doing it yourself it seems.

Bottom line here is this; The easiest thing to do isn't always right and the right thing to do isn't always easy.

In general, going with the flow is probably the best bet. From one sentient human being to another, I would suggest that you spent more time listening to what you want rather than the collective ideas of what you think you should want. The second you start to reason something is the exact moment you start to doubt it. Reason is a gift of the mind and the mind is every human being's "risk calculator". We use it to solve problems, not to calculate how long we can tolerate them. Toleration is the heart's weakness and reason is the mind's strength. So by and large, they are not compatible. Think of how many times you've been heart broken and how many times you tried to reason staying put and you'll know what I mean.

Making decisions isn't always easy and reasoning decisions isn't always the best choice. Remember, you don't have to justify why you feel you should do something. The only way to justify an bad deed is to get as many people on board as possible.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is there such thing as "A Blind Racist"?

I'd like to make an analogy if I could.

I'd like you to imagine that racism is English Football. I'm not going to go off on one saying that there is racism in football, because frankly I don't give a shit.

But I think it's a fitting analogy to base my comparisons.

So imagine that you have two teams, a referee and a crowd of supporters watching each team.

The first side is the racist right wing

The second side is the politically correct left wing

the crowd are made up of supporters of each side

On the subs bench are those who are not good enough to play for either side, but are decisive enough to take a seat and maybe play a game some time.

All the player's salaries are paid by the supporters

The referee is, symbolically,  anyone who sees both sides as mutable and changeable. They know that one side may win one game, but the battle is never truly over.

In fact, there'll be a pay per view next week where the supporters will bicker and quarrel over who is right and who is wrong, in other words, who may or may not win the match according to statistics like which players have "changed sides" or who is "genetically more capable" or something else stupid like that.

Anyway, that is pretty much where the analogy ends. Each side has supporters who will fight tooth and nail over who is "right" about these fickle changeable details.

Each side has potential supporters and players who will sit on the fence but be ignorantly P.C or ignorantly shallow depending on their choice of disposition.

Each team fights one another with blatant tag lines and labels, completely ignoring the fact that they are talking about sentient human beings. And then there are those that know differently, but are afraid to speak up in case they get attacked by either side.

Well I call bullshit on that, if I may be so bold.

I think the politically correct sensitive left are just as much to blame over their handling of ethnic diversity as much as the racist, fucked-up right wing who belittle people on basic things like skin and culture.

Every day you have people taking offence to being called "black" and other derogatory remarks because the politically correct left (hereby known as PCL) will not let go of stupid labels. They are just as ignorant to hold onto these labels as the racists are to use them. In fairness, words like "n****r", "C***k", "S***k", "K**e" and so on are only insulting because you are just as ignorant to label someone who may be Black, Asian, Spanish or Jewish in that regard for the sake of something to feel sore about. They are only fucking words. Remember the rhyme; "Sticks and stones... etc etc"

It's like if someone were to approach me and call me a "Mick" or "Potato eater" or something else redundant like that. I neither eat potatoes or am named Mick, so I simply have nothing to take offence to. If someone were to call me a "Cracker" or something equally retarded like that, I simply choose whether to think this person sees me as a savoury snack or someone who maybe cracks their knuckles a lot. Maybe I do, I haven't noticed. If I was an ignorant racist, I might butt them. If I was a PCL I might run home crying and file some sort of a civil suit. I would just stare blankly and continue my business. Addressing such stupid remarks only gives them strength.

So there is also the chance that maybe, just maybe, if someone were to label you n***er or c***k because of your race, maybe they are just referring to your skin tone but haven't had the education or decent background or upbringing that told them otherwise. you may be subject to a certain prejudice yourself. If this person using such remarks is just plain ignorant, do you want to be labelled as a fool or someone with nothing better to do but take insult to ever single thing uttered to you because you cannot do something so simple as disregard it? Perhaps said racist is just not clever enough to realise that they are talking about a human being. maybe they are just not intelligent enough to use their smarts for something constructive that will help everyone, even themselves.

Why are people so hung up on labels anyway? When I meet a black guy or any other race generally, the first thing I think of is not "this guy is black", it's usually spent sizing up their character or something else, like "what is my actual comfort zone here". If I am to go around labelling people because of their ethnicity, then I am just as racist as someone who labels them "n****r" or something that refers to a stereotype. Whatever happened to giving people a chance? Why is someone's skin an important factor of what we deem an important character trait? Is there such thing as a blind racist? Can you become racist via your other senses? "Oh, he smells Jewish!"

Bottom line here is this: Both the liberal crybabies and the conservative hate machines are to blame for racism. The hate-mongers keep firing out labels and the crybabies keep trying to cushion the blow "felt" by them, in other words, reminding people including the ones that don't give a shit, that they should be offended by remarks. It is an endless loop for to find a weakness, you must keep attacking and to show weakness, provokes "diversity of races" in other words always having something to defend, even if it's a shallow typecast.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gossip part 2: Pandering to Them Asses

Charlie Brooker, for today you are my hero

Speaking of heroes, I bought  HTC Hero and joined the "smart" phone hype.

I will neither hype it nor slate it however, because that is as pointless as saying that Xboxes are better than PS3s.

But whatever man.

Anyway, I have reached my threshold for gossip lately and was pleased to see a video that a friend posted on a certain social networking site earlier. Presented by one Charlie Brooker, it addresses the media extravaganza around the death of Jade Goody last year.

Jade Goody. A nobody who became celebrity, was reduced to a somebody and then died. It is a real shame when any person dies who has had some good fortune in their lives no matter what kinda shit background they come from. Jade was merely a victim of her upbringing. To be honest, if you stuck any randomer in front of a camera that you know, they'd probably do something equally silly as to be vaguely racist or insulting to anyone who pretended never to have heard the word "nigger" at least once in their life.

Big fucking deal. It's a gaffe, albeit a vaguely prejudiced one.

I know people who aren't racists at all that say things more insulting in a fit of anger. We're all subject to losing our cool from time to time, it's human nature. Some "super" humans however, seem to think they are above all the rest of us and take insult to stupid things all the time. These are the real racists, taking insult to pathetic passing blurps uttered by anyone. These people just want to complain and pick their own category for which thing they will take insult to next. Personally I find when someone is insulting your character rather than your race or creed to be more insulting. It's not like Jade Goody ever said "Shilpa, you are a talentless whore who abuses toddlers when she's not poisoning the elderly!"

What's even more shocking is how the media zombies kept about-turning on their opinions... and how everyone just kept lapping it up!

People who buy into basic slanders are the type of people who live in a balloon of ignorance floating over the rest of us, feeling special for refusing to see the world as it is.

I'm sure some of these very same people are the likes of which buy "OK" magazine and "Heat". I'm sure the very same people might buy tabloid rags like "The Sun" and "The Star" and other shit heaps that pander to the ignorant. How Ironic that such closed-minded misinformed trash would be named after things so mind numbingly awesome and mind opening as a giant ball of nuclear fire, floating out in the nothingness. Mind = blown.

What trash like this do is keep their loyal readers as stupid as possible by feeding them scandal after scandal with no real value whatsoever. One day you are their friend and as soon as you put a foot "wrong", you are their front page scandal. God forbid you should cheat or get caught leaving the pub after a drink! All they gotta do is take one picture unawares, one picture of you maybe half-blinking while drinking a smoothie and your today's worst alcoholic. The Media Snake's ready made zombies are there to buy up their shit-rags and soak up all the unnecessary bullshit they are willing to print. How many times have you read an editorial or about a court case involving a "rival newspaper" detailing how they "got it wrong" a couple of times? I'm pretty sure the very same mishandling of information resulted in Michael Jackson's cardiac arrest some months ago. Like him or hate him, nobody deserves to die. It's a well known fact that stress can cause heart attacks and heart failure. If you ever bought into media hype surrounding the break down or death of a celebrity or pseudo-celebrity, you should be ashamed of yourself.

What is also staggering is the sheer volume of clever people who buy into the misery of others. It's understandable that the average idiot will buy into rubbish printed on toilet paper, but a lot of the reader base of some of this poison are actually intelligent people! Yeah! They go to college, they work as Solicitors*, they run banks, they build homes and they create staggering technology. They are just like you... insecure. They want to feel that they are living life "properly", so they join the group** that are pointing the finger at anyone who "steps out of line" whether lucky or unlucky enough (depending on your perception) to be living in the limelight.

Gossip is a tool of the ignorant. you have to be ignorant to some degree not to notice that it's the same play, over and over but with different actors. Why don't you just go to the theatre?? I mean you already know  the story, right?

The bottom line here is that media tabloids say nothing new, nor constructive ever. All they do is pander to your insecurity. The subjects are never new, nor surprising. They blatantly favour nobody and judge everyone. They are soulless, mindless and are fickle and two faced. If you need to defend your right to read such bilge, such awful regurgitated bile because you have nothing more important to think about, challenge or talk about to anyone else then do so. Remember, every cent you spend on them contributes to the misery of others. Every time you bond with another over how some poor sucker "got it wrong" once and is victimised by every judging eye on the street, then you contribute as much to their break down as the filth that decides that this type of story sells. After all, they need readers like you.

Does the readership not spare a single thought that maybe this girl or this man, is somebody's child? Do they not have a conscience that they have a life of their own to live? That perhaps they have the right to their privacy and their choice of how to live their lives?

It's true, Jade Goody, for example did court the media and tabloid for the sake of being famous. It's questionable as to whether she recognised their ability to break her when they needed fodder to increase sales of their gossip rags. Her true intelligence is debatable also. I mean do you believe she was genuinely smart or just what your told in order to justify the media's right to tell stories about her like "well she was clever and got herself into this mess and smart enough to set up a business, she deserves everything she gets" Is fame only a right of the intelligent? Is quality of life a gift only available for those smart enough to dodge the bullet? And what is the bullet? The values you hold yourself or the values you're told you should have by the publications dependant on your hard earned cash?

*That these guys are intelligent at all is subject to debate itself
** I think "Hoards" would have been a more appropriate word to use when addressing zombies

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gossip Part 1

Man, I've been thinking about the concept of gossip on and off for a long time

I have been conscious of when people are prodding around for too much information or when they are giving away a little too much, almost like they want you to reference them when you're talking topical at some point.

Gossip is a very troubling thing in this day and age.

With the advent of the fake celebrity, it seems one can become famous very easily if you give away way too much information. In Soviet Russia, you would be murdered for this lackadaisical mistreatment of private information. Under federal law in the U.S, you can get life without parole. OK, I am being dramatic in my interpretation, but in fairness, it's not all that different. Humans are curious creatures and in their bound societies, they are inclines en- masse, to seek out that which will benefit their survival. In smaller groups, they will seek it out in order to just feel better about themselves. Maybe this aids propagation of their genes, who knows? However, I don't think the average fickle scandal story really benefits mankind in any more complex a way than self-satisfaction that you have perhaps spared yourself some kind of embarrassment in being more conservative in your lifestyle.

Your loss, in my opinion.

I am liberal minded, myself. The free flow of thought and lifestyle without social tagging is every human being's birthright, according to my logic. No one person or group of people is more entitled to feel super-human or greater than another unless they entered the world in any other way than exiting the vagina of their mother, in other words, we are all human, so no one has the right to feel better than any other human. We are all subject to making the same mistakes, feeling the same impulses and living whatever damn lifestyle suits us because, after all, man born of woman is a fucking human being after all.

So what other end does gossip serve other than to create a them/us barricade? People who use gossip as daily "banter"* do so because they have nothing exciting going on in their lives, or else they just want more excitement but are too conservative to push the boundary a little.

"Guess what? Tommy was spotted in the men's toilet wearing knickers and women's stockings!"

See this example - big fucking deal. A guy gets off wearing women's clothes. Is it surprising? No. Is it shocking? No. Is it something unique to that man? No. What Tommy does is his fucking business only and it is no-one's place to say otherwise. Oftentimes, people have difficulty dealing with such information because they have not the spirit nor courage to carry it off themselves.

"Derek is going out with an 18 year old girl and he's 30!"

Yeah? Move along please. You are being left behind. Civilisation has moved forward with this "sensitive" information for thousands of years. The Roman's did it.  Muslims still do it. Western people do it whenever they get the chance. If Derek has the mentality equivalent to that of an 18 year old then far be it from us to criticise his happiness. They are both consenting adults. To be honest, if my choices were 18 year old who is not as learned as I or a gossiping biddy, I'll take the 18 year old please. If it hurts no one, then it's OK.

"Last night me and Marian had explosive sex and I gave her three orgasms in 10 minutes"

You sad, sad man/woman. Grow up. Everyone has sex. Even priests are doing it these days. No one gives a shit what you and your missus do, we are busy looking after our own partners. This is the most common one apart from the tabloid sex scandals. When you're not condemning the sex lives of another, you're boasting about your own. Double standards much?

Anyway, I could go on and on with examples like these. Usually though, the end result is the same. Someone with a closed mind gets to feel better about living in a little protective box. I think the subject matter, like music, is vast and far reaching, So I will tackle more later in the week. Expect to see such stuff as this being challenged:

"any gossip?"
the more you say, the less interesting you are
the more you talk of sexual conquest, the more inadequate you are
the more gossip you read, the more "dangerous" you are - liken it to reading mail of another or confidential documents
There are no excuses for being a gossip
Doctors and shrinks, counsellors and quacks are entitled to ask personal info because they use it to help you
Gossip magazines and tabloid
People who are full of gossip are one thing: Bollocks

* the reason I use the playful word "banter" is because it puts into perspective what gossips view your personal exploits as -a means to suit their selfish ends. To feel accomplished in living in their little box

Friday, October 1, 2010


Sometimes you feel really sad

Sometimes you feel defeated, let down, dragging your feet

Some days you wonder why you get out of bed at all.

Sometimes your partner surprises you, ends the affair and you're left confused.

Sometimes you want to go to your friends and tell them everything that's on your mind.

Sometimes it feels like there is absolutely no reason to be doing the thing you call life at all.

Sometimes you get jilted.

Sometimes you get rejected.

Sometimes you feel like you're just not pretty enough, not slim enough or not healthy enough.

Sometimes you look at the other couple and say "I wish we were them"

Sometimes you look at the popular person and say "I wish I were them"

Sometimes you wonder why you seem to be the only person enduring hardship.

It's a ruse,  a gimmick, a foul play. It comes from out of left field. It's a strike out.

It's a bad ball.

You called it.

Because when times are hard, money is down, loneliness sets in and the last ship has sailed off without you in it, you just know... you  feel that there's something worth hanging on for. There's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. There is will. There is room for making things different. There always is and always has been.There are other groups, jobs, opportunities and there will always always be pitfalls.

How you get consumed by them is your choice.

You can give them all the attention you claim they don't deserve... get angry, frustrated and diverted from your potential happiness, from your one true goal that you are sure you can get.

You can drop your problems and run for the hills.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, really. Nobody said it was easy

And nobody ever said the right way to do something was going to be painless. Maybe it just hurts so much because you haven't built up an immunity.

But there is no way it will ever be that hard again. If you don't already know that, you will soon enough