Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is there such thing as "A Blind Racist"?

I'd like to make an analogy if I could.

I'd like you to imagine that racism is English Football. I'm not going to go off on one saying that there is racism in football, because frankly I don't give a shit.

But I think it's a fitting analogy to base my comparisons.

So imagine that you have two teams, a referee and a crowd of supporters watching each team.

The first side is the racist right wing

The second side is the politically correct left wing

the crowd are made up of supporters of each side

On the subs bench are those who are not good enough to play for either side, but are decisive enough to take a seat and maybe play a game some time.

All the player's salaries are paid by the supporters

The referee is, symbolically,  anyone who sees both sides as mutable and changeable. They know that one side may win one game, but the battle is never truly over.

In fact, there'll be a pay per view next week where the supporters will bicker and quarrel over who is right and who is wrong, in other words, who may or may not win the match according to statistics like which players have "changed sides" or who is "genetically more capable" or something else stupid like that.

Anyway, that is pretty much where the analogy ends. Each side has supporters who will fight tooth and nail over who is "right" about these fickle changeable details.

Each side has potential supporters and players who will sit on the fence but be ignorantly P.C or ignorantly shallow depending on their choice of disposition.

Each team fights one another with blatant tag lines and labels, completely ignoring the fact that they are talking about sentient human beings. And then there are those that know differently, but are afraid to speak up in case they get attacked by either side.

Well I call bullshit on that, if I may be so bold.

I think the politically correct sensitive left are just as much to blame over their handling of ethnic diversity as much as the racist, fucked-up right wing who belittle people on basic things like skin and culture.

Every day you have people taking offence to being called "black" and other derogatory remarks because the politically correct left (hereby known as PCL) will not let go of stupid labels. They are just as ignorant to hold onto these labels as the racists are to use them. In fairness, words like "n****r", "C***k", "S***k", "K**e" and so on are only insulting because you are just as ignorant to label someone who may be Black, Asian, Spanish or Jewish in that regard for the sake of something to feel sore about. They are only fucking words. Remember the rhyme; "Sticks and stones... etc etc"

It's like if someone were to approach me and call me a "Mick" or "Potato eater" or something else redundant like that. I neither eat potatoes or am named Mick, so I simply have nothing to take offence to. If someone were to call me a "Cracker" or something equally retarded like that, I simply choose whether to think this person sees me as a savoury snack or someone who maybe cracks their knuckles a lot. Maybe I do, I haven't noticed. If I was an ignorant racist, I might butt them. If I was a PCL I might run home crying and file some sort of a civil suit. I would just stare blankly and continue my business. Addressing such stupid remarks only gives them strength.

So there is also the chance that maybe, just maybe, if someone were to label you n***er or c***k because of your race, maybe they are just referring to your skin tone but haven't had the education or decent background or upbringing that told them otherwise. you may be subject to a certain prejudice yourself. If this person using such remarks is just plain ignorant, do you want to be labelled as a fool or someone with nothing better to do but take insult to ever single thing uttered to you because you cannot do something so simple as disregard it? Perhaps said racist is just not clever enough to realise that they are talking about a human being. maybe they are just not intelligent enough to use their smarts for something constructive that will help everyone, even themselves.

Why are people so hung up on labels anyway? When I meet a black guy or any other race generally, the first thing I think of is not "this guy is black", it's usually spent sizing up their character or something else, like "what is my actual comfort zone here". If I am to go around labelling people because of their ethnicity, then I am just as racist as someone who labels them "n****r" or something that refers to a stereotype. Whatever happened to giving people a chance? Why is someone's skin an important factor of what we deem an important character trait? Is there such thing as a blind racist? Can you become racist via your other senses? "Oh, he smells Jewish!"

Bottom line here is this: Both the liberal crybabies and the conservative hate machines are to blame for racism. The hate-mongers keep firing out labels and the crybabies keep trying to cushion the blow "felt" by them, in other words, reminding people including the ones that don't give a shit, that they should be offended by remarks. It is an endless loop for to find a weakness, you must keep attacking and to show weakness, provokes "diversity of races" in other words always having something to defend, even if it's a shallow typecast.

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