Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sage and Onion

I'm going give you the best bit of advice and it's going to last you a lifetime

It'll be free of charge too, cuz one thing that bothers me is the multitude of ads that ask you to buy this or that as if it was really really important or something.

To be honest it's all trivial. All of that shit, all of that baggage is all just trivial. Useless.

So here it is.

But first I'm going to use my delicious brains to have a go at a few things I think are stupid and irrelevant. They seem to be enough to make most people run a fever but for me I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

On the most part, people just want to be let go. Left on their way to do shit. Just leave them alone and they'll do their thing.

Same goes for pretty much everything else that isn't mechanical or viral.

Ads just show the pushy nature man has inherited over the last couple of thousand years. Always being pushed into doing this or that... sometimes by convincing, sometimes by being bullied or constant "reminders". Same goes for some other stuff like Religion, Relationship, Work and Society, to name but a few.

So I'll have a crack at these few and then we'll see where we're at.


Religion is the pushiest thing when it comes to clinging on for importance. Scare tactics are used to keep the believers lining the pockets or adhering to the biased benefits of their organisation. "Obey or go to hell" is their reminder. Using the vast cluelessness of humanity to benefit a small few. "Bully women and go to heaven". What a weird weird idea. Persecute humanity in order to survive after you die. Who is silly enough to think "what a cracking good idea!"

Oh wait, it's billions, isn't it? :-/

Man doesn't want to give a shit about religion. They do however, want to know what happens after they die, because we're all a bit curious. I'll let you know; life goes on without you. You are remembered by your peers, siblings and friends until they themselves die off. If you're really lucky, you've come up with penicillin or the Theory of Relativity or something and you'll be remembered past your peers' deaths. Let it go. you might come up with something ground-breaking and you might not. But there's no reason worth missing out on your infinitesimally short life stressing over it, is there? "I want to believe there is something after death" - sure, believe it. But stop pressuring others to be a loon like you. It's okay to do your own thing. Let it go. Let us go. Some of us just want to live and then die. We don't want to spend our time convincing ourselves that the voice inside is someone else! Some of us say we believe in order to get rid of the minority of lunatics who keep going on about it. you want my opinion on death? You know that really deep sleep where you don't dream and generally don't give a shit about the outside world? That's what death is like. Why do you miss your bed while at work? Because you want to switch off. You want to be "brain dead". You want to let it go.


"If you love somebody set them free" is what Sting screamed in a song with a similar name. "If you love something, set it free..." "...If it's meant for you it'll come right back" is what Bubbles and Julian agreed on in Trailer Park Boys when Steve French, the mountain lion was in Bubbles' care. Everybody knows this in their hearts and yet try so hard to work against it. Truth be known, the more you pressure someone to stay by you, the more they want to get away. Seems to be men mostly that do this and women seem to be void of it, so I'll speak from a man's perspective. Guys that cling to their girl and get jealous over them for whatever reason are likely to do two things: drive the girl insane and make her less interested, or drive themselves insane with worry and confidence issues. Girls who do it to guys are going to do two things: Make him less interested the more they cling on and drive him away, or have personality issues due to high-expectation issues. To be honest, in either case, the only thing you can do to keep either party interested is to let them go. If you don't hound a guy with phone calls and visits, he will come to you or he won't. If he doesn't, it's time to move on and find someone who will. If you're a guy in this situation, you will find someone you want to come back to or you won't. But pressurising either sex into doing or behaving a way they don't want to, is a sure way of losing them. The heart is has two strengths... it's a strong pulley for grappling in those you love and it creates it's own emotional magnetic field, pulling in those worthy. Let it be and let it do it's thing and stop interfering.


Work is something everyone must do. I mean, as humans, we want to work. We need to. I am working while writing, because it fulfils a need (though not financially). We need tasks or else we'd just use our brains to create painful imaginary scenarios and conversations and generally cause ourselves a lot of stress. People seem to lack the ability to discriminate the difference between working for necessity and working for money. It's in us all to be creative, both academically and artistically and it is possible through a bit of determination to be paid for doing what you like. I, for example, made €1.85 in two weeks for writing blogs. I can now buy a can of coke and a packet of crisps. However, I now have to subsidise my lavish lifestyle with a regular income job in something that keeps my hands busy as well as my mind or else I will not be able to make ends meet (what these ends are, is anyone's guess) So I have had to let go of my ideal lifestyle in order to survive according to natural selection. If you think you are too good for any job, you are wrong. Even a solicitor must wipe their own arse so it's perfectly natural for someone who is of "higher class" to scrub once in a while. Let go of your double standards.


Society doesn't pressure us to conform and to fit in, we do it ourselves. One day, some bloke looked tidy with a short, cropped haircut and it made the rest of us hippies feel uncomfortable with ourselves. Then we all cut our hair and realised "actually, I quite liked long hair". Maybe our idealist girlfriend asked us to cut it and we went with it against our own desire to leave it (a classic sign of "let it go" if you ask me) or maybe that job we don't really like asked us (forcibly) to do it and we did it in order to keep it because it's rare to have a job these days - I DON'T KNOW! It could be any reason. Either way, all others do is suggest what we should do, it's up to us ourselves whether we go with it or resist. If we're being "forced" out of a situation because those close to us are putting the skids on, we are asked whether we want to let it go or not. If it's a personal situation, the other party may learn over time that letting go is much better than losing out.

The charts, fashion, music and particular personal standards are typically other ways of letting go, or roughing it and joining in. Personally speaking, I have had no choice but to let it pass by as each situation presents itself to me. There is talk about changing the charts the last few days. Every year, the manufactured music business gets the Christmas No.1. If you ask me, they always have. What is a Christmas No.1? A song that is made for Christmas. It is made to measure. Processed cheese is made to be convenient too... that's why everyone buys it. I don't buy cheese that has additives and I don't buy music that "competes" within a framework because it's too difficult to work within guidelines like this. It's hard on the heart and mind. OK, that's exaggerating but it is too difficult to fill myself up with this kind of anticipation and expectation. Fashion is fickle and changing. You try to keep up and your left thin and out of pocket, never truly happy because you need the next best thing. It's funny to see all these "individuals" looking so uniform and similar. Where does identity go, I mean, really? It's like "I must have long hair and a leather jacket to like rock music!" What a crock. I'll look how I want while listening to what I want, thank you very much. And if you want a boyfriend with "short hair" rather than one who actually puts up with your annoyances and insecurity, then be my guest. Break a leg.

Bottom line here is people just don't know how to live and let live. Let go, finish with your own issues and agendas and let those close to you (and indeed at other distances) deal with their how they like. The thing about advice that works is that you actually seek it yourself and aren't force-fed it by fanatics and idealists. Some will say in the same vein that this blog, in fact, carries double-standards of it's own. To those I say "Fuck you". If there weren't so many people around me worrying about this and that, harping on about how their way is better than anyone else's and about how one "should" look and behave, I would not have to write these things. If you really want to do that stuff, be my guest. Just leave it outside when we meet.

A side note:

As with business and product, I say that product that is worth acquiring, in general, should always be as simple as being highly beneficial and be at a low cost. Think of pharmaceuticals, staple foods, decent clothing. Unfortunately medical treatment and education are being charged through the roof though these days because greedy fuckers are manipulating humanities basic needs. Whereas unnecessary things like lowly beneficial, high cost things are given priority. think Lawyers, Insurance and Banking. This is a sad age we live in I think. Those obsessed with short-term benefits like money and material wealth are screwing it up for those who cannot get by without or do not have access to the basic essentials. The problem with people is the prioritise the wrong things. How these illusions appeal to anyone at all is mind-boggling. One day, you will lie under six feet of dirt and it all won't matter

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