Sunday, February 27, 2011

Subliminal I

you cannot speak the subliminal automatically

that is what i have learned


you know when you see someone online who you are interested in speaking with, or go to message them... moments away

and you never do it

you never tell them exactly how you feel.

and an old photo can fuck you up instantly

because all you want to do is tell them what you feel

and you offset it and then wonder how long you'll let it go for


you try to guess what someone is feeling or thinking, even if you are sure you know already

when someone tells you a story and expects you to believe it, use your judge of character

your personal judge of character to determine if it's true or not

don't keep pushing them for an answer

no-one will give you an answer they don't want to give or are not ready to

don't just take for granted that because you know someone well, they can read you like a book


never try and force advice on people who don't want it or seem like they may not be able to use it

if they are openly pissing you off and giving you reason to be annoyed and seem oblivious, they clearly aren't ready for advice at all. maybe a pointer all right, not a lecture though


and just because someone knows you well, they are not you. don't assume they know everything

don't be afraid to tell people how you are or what you think or how you really feel about something

it may be a surprise to find out people are willing to acknowledge their mishaps or even help you with your own grievances or insecurities about whatever situation

Subliminal I

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I want you to go out onto the street and point out at least one fool

do it

then go back inside and point at yourself in the mirror

Because foolishness is relative and no matter who you are or where you are, someone thinks you are a fool

I have not met one person in my whole life whom I didn't think was a fool. It's ok

You think I am a fool too.

I think I'm a fool. And I'm OK with that

Once you accept that human nature is curiosity and confusion based, you start to realise we are all fallible, incompetent fools the lot of us. We find it annoying when someone takes a certain position on something we ourselves do not agree with and we also hate it when someone takes no stance on anything. Even do-gooders piss us off because there will always be something we like that they don't. We are all fools, it's relative. Because even if we do not think another is a fool, they probably think we are about something we have done or intend to do. Intellectuals are fools. Trolls are fools. Professionals are fools. Politicians are fools. Even those that risk their lives everyday are fools. That is the biggest freedom you will ever have. The freedom to make choices, even bad ones or foolish ones. Because everyone does it. Even really smart people. It's trial and error. Heroes are fools and so are selfish bastards.

So why do we seek to over-complicate everything? Have you ever watched a thread or forum collapse into utter chaos, trolling or flame wars and sit back and say "what idiots! look at them argue amongst themselves!"


What a position to take on it. People who are holier-than-thou are some of the biggest fools there are, because they think they are immune to mistake, anger or even strong opinion. If you think you are better for taking a step back, you are a high ranking fool. At least the trolls are taking chances and might learn something.

Foolishness is relative. Atheists think Religious people are fools for wasting their time and their only life. Religious people think Atheists are fools for not believing in God.

Scientists seek to understand things by taking the most complicated route through mathematics and physics in order to prove something simple.

Why do you care if someone doesn't understand something that you are sure YOU do? Big deal, let fools be fools. Learning is relative too. You cannot make a person learn by shouting or by being staunch and immovable. You can bring a horse, etc etc.

I am a fool, perhaps the biggest of all, just because I choose to try to explain this thought I have had. Maybe I'm a fool to care at all. You know, making myself the fool is one of the biggest experiences of my life. I went to Japan and stayed for 3 months with €500 because I am a fool. I broke up with girls because I am a fool. I write things because I am a fool. I play and enjoy video games because I am a fool. I find myself continually in different places in mind and heart because I am a fool. It never ends and it is great

Look into the mirror and point at yourself. Look deep and lovingly into your eyes and accept the fool that you are. Say it loud. Say it often and say it to as many people as you can

Then you will wake up to life and stop caring about bullshit, be it opinions of others or insecurities about yourself, your situation or body or whatever. Even beautiful people make mistakes. You make stupid mistakes. We all do.

Those who say they don't make foolish decisions and say stupid things are fools

Just like you and me

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I found out a big secret tonight

You wanna know what it is? It’s a whopper! It’s about how we all feel when we get older. Apparently. I don’t have any sources.  Well, I do and I don’t.

Anyway, here's thing I found out. It’s important. I think we can all benefit from it. I am appealing particularly to my own age group but to be honest, anyone can get something from it. Particularly the next generation

Wanna know what it is?

I know why no one listens to old people.

“Old” encompasses everyone that is older than it two days, two years or two feckin’ decades.


We ignore them! We want to, because they never say anything interesting. I mean our peers are just boring retards. They just repeat all their stories all the time. They over tell the same shit again and again.  They might tell us stuff we might learn from

Doesn’t matter. It’s stupid. Annoying. Or just plain boring.  In fact we just get plain annoyed or tired of it. We fob them off with “yeah, yeah” answers. We stare blankly. Doesn’t matter. So long as they finish what they are saying... right?


They come back... they say it again! Even our older brothers and sisters seem to tell us the same stories again and again. When we meet up after a long time we tell the same shit over and over again. Old friends? Great! We can relate to that, right? Yes! Then it gets boring, uninteresting... then we don’t see them for months. We wish it were so long with our families too. We know, we can predict what way the conversation will go. “Remember so-and-so did this-and-that?” “Yeah yeah, was great, wasn’t it?” Blah blah blah

There seems to be a backlog of what we all know already. It’s amazing. Everyone has their own take on it. And every meeting we have will be the same old shit again and again. Why doesn't it change?? Who knows.


I know why! I know why conversations are mundane and repetitive!

We never ever listen. Ever.

Yeah, sure we all know what went down on New Year’s Eve 1999. Sure we all know what so-and-so did the night of their 25th. We were all there! In fact, we all know our Da’s stale worn out stories. They are so boring that we could be floating 76 days in the Pacific Ocean on a raft and find it more interesting. But not once do we acknowledge the other person’s take on that event. We never give it time, because we are too busy working on our own version while they are telling us, in our own head. Storytelling, friendships and get-togethers always become a wrestling match of “I want to tell my version vs You want to tell your version” and you THINK you’re listening, but you’re not! You just want to be heard! And you delay the next time you meet each friend because you think know exactly what they are gonna say! The occasional few words seem repetitive but If you actually listened you might get something new from it! Isn’t that something? Imagine not being browned off by the next family get-together because you know that you listened to every single detail there was on each potential story? Sure it’s hard graft, but so is worrying or trying to avoid certain people because you know what they’ll come out with! And they do, because you never really paid attention before and always seem surprised, even half heartedly about what they are going to say. The reason your friends and family are boring is because of you! Wow! Relax, take a breath and accept it.

Friends just become a relay of same old same old events because we know no-one is really being listened to. Well OK, maybe sometimes we hear some of it, but why are we surprised by new details occasionally? Because we listened for once instead of just forcing shitty repetitive detail we want paid attention to once. And we want to avoid, like the plague, people who just keep giving us the same old clap-trap again and again, because we kind of listen to the story but never acknowledge the receipt of it with the odd question or clarification that we were paying attention. We seem horribly uninterested in those who find us interesting.


Yep. We avoid people and social situations because we are ignorant of them. Sure, we can tell ourselves we are the most outwardly social people we know, but all of us... All... are fairly ignorant. We all want everyone to hear our version. And we’re already planning our next story in our heads. Ever just listen to someone? Mad experience altogether. They just keep talking. But they eventually run out of steam. It’s a strange strange thing. They give up. They go quiet. And they give us the time to realise... “Fuck... is it my turn? Now I get to fill in the blanks? It’s so fucking quiet!”

Imagine getting all the way to your old age with no-one listening to you? Imagine having to expel your stories until the next big occasion because nobody really cares? Or saying the same things over and over cuz no one really listened? Old people aren't crazy... they are just ignored. You will be too unless you  stop planning your next big story or actually listen for a change. I have to do it too. Nobody is devoid of this responsibility

Scary isn’t it?

This could be a boring essay, but I am only writing it because no one wants to hear my "same old shit" and I am alone, bored off my skull. 

Well, possibly anyway.

That, and I've nothing better to do :P