Sunday, February 27, 2011

Subliminal I

you cannot speak the subliminal automatically

that is what i have learned


you know when you see someone online who you are interested in speaking with, or go to message them... moments away

and you never do it

you never tell them exactly how you feel.

and an old photo can fuck you up instantly

because all you want to do is tell them what you feel

and you offset it and then wonder how long you'll let it go for


you try to guess what someone is feeling or thinking, even if you are sure you know already

when someone tells you a story and expects you to believe it, use your judge of character

your personal judge of character to determine if it's true or not

don't keep pushing them for an answer

no-one will give you an answer they don't want to give or are not ready to

don't just take for granted that because you know someone well, they can read you like a book


never try and force advice on people who don't want it or seem like they may not be able to use it

if they are openly pissing you off and giving you reason to be annoyed and seem oblivious, they clearly aren't ready for advice at all. maybe a pointer all right, not a lecture though


and just because someone knows you well, they are not you. don't assume they know everything

don't be afraid to tell people how you are or what you think or how you really feel about something

it may be a surprise to find out people are willing to acknowledge their mishaps or even help you with your own grievances or insecurities about whatever situation

Subliminal I

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