Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can't Make it Work

No, this is not a post about erectile dysfunction

And thank fuck for that!

But seriously folks.

Anyway, so, why spend so much time worrying about something that doesn't work? And again, I must remind you that the question is all-encompassing and general.

Like why do we spend so much time hanging onto a bad, life sapping situation, job, friendship or relationship? Sure, friends will say we should forget it. It's great to live on the outside; but very relative... as if that wasn't obvious enough.

It's easy. you cannot see a shit situation for what it is. No way can you, because you are an active participant. They say the universe wouldn't exist without us to perceive it and vise versa. It's funny, what would the universe be if we never had vision?

But before I digress, It's possible to know your situation is bad and still be powerless to do something about it. All I want to do is clarify that it's normal to feel bad within a situation and still not be able to do something about it. Situations are more than what they look like to anyone. It is, after all, only a combination of what they see and what you experience.

Why do we find ourselves in bad situations even though we know the best course of action and would easily recommend it to a friend in need, but cannot take the advice ourselves?

I guess the answer is that people need to be able to see plenty of bad situations and to live them at least a  few times. Sure, you might know what you should do, but that doesn't mean you are going to do it. Perception is based on two things. Seeing and experiencing through your other available senses. Processing can only happen once you have used all your available senses properly. It's like telling a blind person what the colour green is; they may know what objects the colour inhabits, but they don't know the colour themselves. Hell, they don't even know the objects.

You can see bad things happen. You can hear bad things going down. But until you personally feel something about all these situations from a first-person perspective, your advice is just the same as talking to a deaf, dumb and blind kid. But if you know it's time to jump ship, you've probably woken up slightly. It doesn't mean the end of the experiences though. Senses don't end until you do and the universe will not cease to exist until all those who experience it disappear. Well, it won't stop existing, it just will cease to be what we understand it to be. What does this mean? None of it works. None of our hypotheses or theories are worth a damn in the grand scheme. And besides, what is there to understand about universal relativity if we barely understand personal relativity?

Anyway, was just a thought.

Night night :)

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