Friday, March 18, 2011

Any Idiot Can Write an Article

This year has started out to be quite interesting

I'm sitting in Istanbul Arkaturk, en route to Asia, more specifically, China. This time last year I was probably yawning while scratching my balls or something. That's not to say that scratching your balls isn't useful or doesn't feel good, but there's a time and a place for it and anything can get boring if you do it too much.

(Scratches said testicles)

So yeah, I'm sitting in Istanbul. My flight was delayed by 2.5 hours for whatever reason and I find myself in a bar, drinking beer on my own simply because there's nothing better to do. Last year I would have said that there surely was something better to do than scratch different parts of your body, but now that statement seems ironic and somehow relative. The intention is certainly to continue my journey and have a good holiday, but I'd rather be at home scratching than killing time in an airport. For every peak there seems to be a pitfall.

But that is not to say either, that I am regretful of my circumstances. On the contrary, I like the idea that this will lead onto better things and an unforgettable experience on the whole. But there is definitely a time and place for everything and I owe this to being completely idle at one stage and all the yawning and scratching that came with it. I think we are only entitled to give out about our circumstances once we accept responsibility for them and are willing to change them. No point complaining about something if you willingly partake in it over and over again.

Anyway my point was simply that though I'm stranded for a few hours, things could be a lot worse. Certainly, as I say this I have some of the bigger global issues of the world in mind; crippling debt, The recent tsunami in Japan, the troubles in Libya and poor old Charlie Sheen, of course. Anyone in these situations would be happy to be relieving an itch rather than face the difficulty they all face at the moment. And far be it from me to complain about a little waiting time when things are changing for the better, personally. Sometimes you cannot change what is going on and you hope that the situation will change itself. For those of us who have the power to change our situations, we really are overlooking a great gift we have. Choice. And I think I have just rekindled the romance I once had with mine.

To all those who are suffering or know someone who is suffering from circumstances beyond their control, you have my sword. To all those who complain and never lift a finger to make a difference, you owe me a sword. Or a blunt letter opener. Whichever.

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