Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gossip Part 1

Man, I've been thinking about the concept of gossip on and off for a long time

I have been conscious of when people are prodding around for too much information or when they are giving away a little too much, almost like they want you to reference them when you're talking topical at some point.

Gossip is a very troubling thing in this day and age.

With the advent of the fake celebrity, it seems one can become famous very easily if you give away way too much information. In Soviet Russia, you would be murdered for this lackadaisical mistreatment of private information. Under federal law in the U.S, you can get life without parole. OK, I am being dramatic in my interpretation, but in fairness, it's not all that different. Humans are curious creatures and in their bound societies, they are inclines en- masse, to seek out that which will benefit their survival. In smaller groups, they will seek it out in order to just feel better about themselves. Maybe this aids propagation of their genes, who knows? However, I don't think the average fickle scandal story really benefits mankind in any more complex a way than self-satisfaction that you have perhaps spared yourself some kind of embarrassment in being more conservative in your lifestyle.

Your loss, in my opinion.

I am liberal minded, myself. The free flow of thought and lifestyle without social tagging is every human being's birthright, according to my logic. No one person or group of people is more entitled to feel super-human or greater than another unless they entered the world in any other way than exiting the vagina of their mother, in other words, we are all human, so no one has the right to feel better than any other human. We are all subject to making the same mistakes, feeling the same impulses and living whatever damn lifestyle suits us because, after all, man born of woman is a fucking human being after all.

So what other end does gossip serve other than to create a them/us barricade? People who use gossip as daily "banter"* do so because they have nothing exciting going on in their lives, or else they just want more excitement but are too conservative to push the boundary a little.

"Guess what? Tommy was spotted in the men's toilet wearing knickers and women's stockings!"

See this example - big fucking deal. A guy gets off wearing women's clothes. Is it surprising? No. Is it shocking? No. Is it something unique to that man? No. What Tommy does is his fucking business only and it is no-one's place to say otherwise. Oftentimes, people have difficulty dealing with such information because they have not the spirit nor courage to carry it off themselves.

"Derek is going out with an 18 year old girl and he's 30!"

Yeah? Move along please. You are being left behind. Civilisation has moved forward with this "sensitive" information for thousands of years. The Roman's did it.  Muslims still do it. Western people do it whenever they get the chance. If Derek has the mentality equivalent to that of an 18 year old then far be it from us to criticise his happiness. They are both consenting adults. To be honest, if my choices were 18 year old who is not as learned as I or a gossiping biddy, I'll take the 18 year old please. If it hurts no one, then it's OK.

"Last night me and Marian had explosive sex and I gave her three orgasms in 10 minutes"

You sad, sad man/woman. Grow up. Everyone has sex. Even priests are doing it these days. No one gives a shit what you and your missus do, we are busy looking after our own partners. This is the most common one apart from the tabloid sex scandals. When you're not condemning the sex lives of another, you're boasting about your own. Double standards much?

Anyway, I could go on and on with examples like these. Usually though, the end result is the same. Someone with a closed mind gets to feel better about living in a little protective box. I think the subject matter, like music, is vast and far reaching, So I will tackle more later in the week. Expect to see such stuff as this being challenged:

"any gossip?"
the more you say, the less interesting you are
the more you talk of sexual conquest, the more inadequate you are
the more gossip you read, the more "dangerous" you are - liken it to reading mail of another or confidential documents
There are no excuses for being a gossip
Doctors and shrinks, counsellors and quacks are entitled to ask personal info because they use it to help you
Gossip magazines and tabloid
People who are full of gossip are one thing: Bollocks

* the reason I use the playful word "banter" is because it puts into perspective what gossips view your personal exploits as -a means to suit their selfish ends. To feel accomplished in living in their little box

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  1. Gossip can turn a feather into a flock of birds, man, take care about it!