Monday, January 3, 2011

Words are only words

Imagine I had decided to name this after a BeeGees song that became a Boyzone song?

Yeah, it'd be ridiculous because you'd read it and think I was a tit for writing it. But that is just my point. Words are ridiculous themselves. Words do not make the man.

I read somewhere once that Thomas Aquinas just stopped talking and writing at a late stage in his life and stayed that way until he died. That is a fantastic story I think. Many people wrote books and thesis' on "the silence of Thomas Aquinas". Some say it was to understand the stillness of God or whatever. Maybe he just realised that almost everything that could be said about life, the commenting and judgement used by common folks like you and me are just unnecessary? I have often looked back on my own as unnecessary. Who knows?

Anyway, I have been feeling this way lately. Words are a dime a dozen. They mix around to mean different things. Promises can be made easily too and just the same, they can be broken. There is nothing special about a guarantee or agreement either, for they can just as easily fall through the cracks if without the intention to back them up. Politicians make promises they never keep. Law is amended with more useless words so as better to dupe the common man and favour the wealthy. 90% of everything I have ever written has been pointless. Each blog could be just one sentence in length and be better understood. After all, I never came here to bitch in the first place. If it ever seemed so, then the entire effort was wasted. All I ever wanted to do was hypothesise.

So it occurs to me that journalists, politicians, lawmakers, philosophers et al are just wasting a lot of time trying to explain things too much, smear our interest or knowledge in a subject, or to win us over with jumbles of words. 90% of everything that any journalist ever wrote was utter rubbish. Whatever happened to making a succinct point? Why is law so complicated to practice? Words, words, words. Tricky phrasing. Everyone knows that to be a politician is to be a liar, so what's the point in me trying to explain that? And philosophers... every sign points the same way. Just the same idea, over and over. Words are only words. If the person using these words is not worth their salt, then they are meaningless. Sometimes we're smothered by a vast quantity of promise rather than quality. How do you trust someone's promise? Well, isn't that what life is all about... finding out? I don't like to make new year's resolutions I have no intention of sticking to because then they just become shallow wasted words. When I make one, as in, an all year round resolution, I like to keep it to myself mostly. I have made a point lately of not making promises I cannot keep. People have a tendency to hang onto words way too much. Other's have a tendency to never honour theirs with true actions. Why say you will do something you don't want to? It makes no sense.

So what is my point here? It could be a number really.

- judge not a person by their words but by their actions
- wise people never speak anything but the truth, never say anything that is unnecessary
- it could be that we let ourselves get affected by words more often than all important actions

I could go on. In fact to continue it would be an insult to your intelligence and to my character.

It could be said that it was pointless to write any of this at all. I have been thinking for a while that this blog is nearing it's end. I never really get to say what i mean to and If I thought I was wise at all, I'd just shut up, much like Thomas Aquinas. Unfortunately, so many rely on talk, text, speech, promise and gossip that it's impossible for a man to just keep quiet these days, unless he lives on a high mountain in Tibet or something.

No man is an island.

Well, no man is an uncharted island anyway.

Do we know ourselves by what we say or what we do though?

That is up to the recipient I guess. That is fortunate, right?

 Words are only words

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