Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There Is Nothing To Write About

One of the reasons I haven't written anything in the last while is that I have been quite content.

Another  is that sometimes I feel differently about something just as soon as I write it, then I retract it, because it no longer needs clarification.

I did, after all, start this blog to soothe my own need to express myself. It's not like I have communication issues; on the contrary, I love to talk about everything and often too. But one of the main reasons I started it was because I've noticed I am cursed... and it's a rare thing, apparently. In fact, I'm often stricken quite hard when I realise that the majority of others avoid what I consider to be quite normal.

Direct problem solving and straight-forward honesty.

Yeah, I know...

But seriously, in a non-Holden Caulfield way, have you ever noticed how fake some people can be when it comes to sorting out their lives? Have you ever noticed some folks avoiding issues, avoiding to acknowledge problems or just generally being dogmatic or prejudiced? It's absolutely astounding the level of blind-sided ignorance one has to allow oneself in order to slate others or one-up them.

It's a rare thing these days to find a group who commend one-another rather than bitch or judge when one leaves the room.

I'm talking about a simple process - acknowledging ones own faults for a change. Why do people assemble in groups to slate a person or criticise? It's funny but true; Because no-one person in the whole world is perfect and a group has far less wrong with them statistically than one person does alone. Yep, we bond and bitch because we're stronger that way. Then we go home, cram food in our gut, watch musicals, listen to terrible music and actually admit liking shit TV when we're safely by ourselves, to ourselves. Because the combined power of the the group is too much for our own little faults. We hate things in groups because it makes us better than the one girl who wore what she wanted for a change because she thought it looks good or the guy who openly talks about being a massive geek in public. We are so fucking strong in groups because our shit friends and colleagues are there to back us up.

My opinion; If you need to badmouth someone in front of another to make yourself seem better than they are, you are two times worse than your "diagnosis" of that person.

I have said previously that I have not written anything in the last while because I have generally been contented with myself. I am that. Just happy. There is no need to rant when the world is good. I find when I do, it's usually the same subject matter... it's one problem, seemingly different to the last one, solved the same way. That's the way most of problems are when you think about it, inflated by the fear we put into them. You take away the fear and put in rational thought and the problem shrinks into obscurity... and in the grand scheme it's just temporary, relative and irrelevant. Honestly, gossip, office banter, competitiveness and bitching usually stem from a few simple things: Jealousy, insecurity, fear of oneself or ignorance of simple issues that could be solved with a moment's honesty. We are quick to point the finger on other's when something "controversial" happens, but we have the fear of God in us when we're nearly judged by our peers for something similar. It's not their fault for judging you... you are to blame for participating in the first place. Long journeys start with single steps and every block contributes to the overall structure.

I haven't written in ages because I think almost every problem society has stems from one or two sources... Ignorance or Fear.

So there is nothing to write about unless you want the same answers. What is language? Only the same words jumbled up and served differently.

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