Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, 00.00, Nov 30th, 2010

I was washing the dishes, watching my hands rinse those buggers, wash off all the crap left over from my last meal, watching it spin down the drain and go to rot somewhere I have no idea it's whereabouts...

Well that is just how my thoughts meander as I type whatever comes to mind. Yeah, that is pretty pointless I guess, in a really superficial kind of way.

I could have been thinking about how awful something was, how fortunate someone else was or dreaming about something I couldn't possibly afford, Time ticking by, My 30th birthday coming up, a number of things really. A multitude. Anything. I could have dived into the depths of a thought as unstable as the common particle, when you get down to it.

You have your first initial thought about something and the more you get to the core of it, the more unstable it becomes... quite like quantum physics. Did you know it is currently impossible to calculate anything below a quark*, a particle of a particle because the more you try and learn about it's mass, the less you know about it's location and vice versa. These are fascinating things. The world's biggest brains cannot figure it out and the worlds smallest dismiss it completely. I find the common problem is like that for the rest of us. Someone asks us something simple and we worry over it until our guts rot.

It's a pointless endeavour. I have lost all faith in the common thought. I try only to use my brain when I need it because when the brain is put to figure out something intricate from something simple, you will be toppled by the variety of answers and blown to and fro by rationalisation. It could be something simple like boiling the kettle; "will I actually have time for a cup of tea?" Doesn't this run up the electricity?", "oh I might have to use the bathroom in about 10 minutes" and onwards it goes. I mean we think we are being simple, like the atom would if it didn't know it had all those damn particles running around inside it... assuming it does...

You see?

But the point is, it's far simpler and a lot less stressful to get up off your arse and click the switch. Presto! The kettle is boiling. Whether you use the water or not is irrelevant. remember the phrase (or paraphrase!) it takes X amount of muscles to frown whereas it takes X amount less to smile (or the alternate ending; .....  to extend your arm to punch someone in the face) It's a simple answer to a very common problem... we dream ourselves in and out of stress for more than we use our delicious brains to actually calculate something worthwhile. Anyway.

My only reason for writing this was to say that the more you think about something, the less stable it becomes. Of course, we have scientists who do all of our thinking for us. they can give us a multitude of equations to solve this and that problem... and indeed, all of our technology, or at least the most useful of it, comes from two main theories... Quantum Physics and Relativity. Two incomplete "theories". That's it, our two most stable scientific accomplishments are themselves unstable. Our particles are unstable, our governments are unstable and our relationships are unstable. Hell, we got prisons and asylums full of people who are unstable. We have people walking among us everyday that are themselves unstable...

And yet you are still surprised. You worry yourself over mortgages and arrears, money, holidays and the works and you think that you are struggling for stability.

Out there there is a huge universe and arguably, a multiverse that is changing and changing. Your body is changing every day. your mind is changing, you are worried, because you are holding on with all of your might. All those wee atoms are bouncing and bouncing about like crazy. It's no wonder you are worried... your little slice of heaven is unstable as everything else we know about.

Technology is swelling, military growing, economy rising and collapsing, ice caps melting, tides raging, wind changing, relationships fading, people ageing, hearts racing, love embracing. It goes and it goes. you should let those thoughts rise and fall and stop clinging to 'em, because they, like our environment, require freedom. Our thoughts are like prisoners of our head just as the particle tries desperately to exist without being the prisoner of the scientist. It's a strange kinda magic.

Everything has got a point, or reason for being the way it is

Deeper you look, the more unstable things become. It's no reason to lose confidence... in fact it is the opposite. You now know that no matter what the idea, the thought or action, everything has it's place.

I have often heard some say they regret this or that, they should have done this or that or changed something. Total arsery if you ask me. You are where you are because of what you once did. If things were any different, you wouldn't be the person you are to give out about it in the first place.

And now the thought ends


* I may have my science wrong, but it's definitely close enough

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