Friday, August 20, 2010

Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion

And not just in the way that I would say, bombard your inbox with it, spam your newspapers with it or even put it up on giant billboards or even join a line of people on O'Connell St. brandishing placards of aborted foetus', say.

I trust that everyone I meet has equal or greater intelligence to me. That may seem like fantastical merit to allow to perfect strangers in this day and age. But I believe it. Rather, I believe that everyone has the capacity for greater intelligence at least. And I honestly cannot understand why anyone consciously wouldn't want to be more intelligent. So it astounds me to see grown adults out on the street trying to educate the rest of us (heathens*).

As far as I'm concerned, intelligent people go out in search for knowledge. They actively look for new ways to soak it up, new channels to find it and reliable sources. If the source gives out faulty or biased snippets of information, an intelligent  person may boycott that source. So it's in the sources' best interests to force us to return to their services. I see this everywhere, like the aforementioned billboards, placards and daily rags you see about the place. Knowledge and experience tells me that these places are no longer reliable sources to find the best information.

So I am led to think (by my own motivations) that reliable knowledge is found, not forced. True reliable knowledge is available not pushed. It seems that all the best examples of modern thinking and influence come from a shared misunderstanding of facts, save for science and medicine. With science and medicine, the knowledge base is always changing and expanding. Human behavioral patterns and history tell me on a constant basis that our modern views are flawed and I am led to believe that this is because of the fickle and positional base that would-be educators try to spoon feed us. In other words, those who push product, opinion and dogma onto us are probably only doing it because they actually believe we will be better off... because they know no better... or because they got lazy or complacent on their "life's journey", for want of a better expression. But better off than what though? How bad were we before we suddenly needed them to prod into our personal space? How much better off are we with crude advertisement, sensational news (that is no different than anything we have seen over history). Just how dumb are we that we think humans are somehow "better" now than what we were? Has our nature evolved or are we still killing/raping/torturing the shit out of one another, save for the few who have no interest? All I see when I look at the basis of opinion that the people who follow it are somehow better than the rest of us. This is not true.

I have always found that some of the better product choices lay in the shade of their lazily anticipated cousins. Some of the best information I have happened upon has been through realisation that what has already been supplied just wasn't reliable enough. Something felt missing or some loose ends perhaps remained. Science tries to tie up loose ends and though I feel this is a goal that will probably never be realised (when considering the velocity and location of a particle, for example). But I think it's a fun journey to consider that somethings cannot be conceptualised easily. That is where religion failed too I think. Trying to conceptualise the "inconceivable". Anyway, enough about religion.

I'm thinking the truly intelligent people among us will survive because we need to, choose the most suitable things by trial and error, not suggestion (or over-suggestion) and recognise what is needed by endurance, not complacency. When considering things like abortion for example, I accept that some folks agree with it and some don't. But it's the naysayers that seem to push on their ideas more than the ones who have stopped to think about it. When someone does something that is "uncharacteristic", it's usually the rigid types that rise up to speak of how bad it is... like they are any better than the rest of us. When we are stopped from making our own mistakes by "suggestion", in it's easy state and in it's heavy state, we are no better off for having gone along with it, than if we had taken the chance and lived a little. Something always feels missing. When you go for the popular expensive alternatives, there will always be something missing... choice - or in some instances, money :P

Though I feel everyone can read my opinions, I will always stop short of spoon feeding it, only because to some it may suit and to others it may not. And by not pushing this onto others, I am making it suitable for everyone. It's there for the taking, with no promises or endorsements. This is life. And this is how I believe we will best live it. Not through any religious suggestion, mind you, but by participation. Willing participation. I'd rather look at the sky or the side of a building than some crude billboard endorsing some shitty expensive "product**".

In conclusion, If you have to advertise it so much, it's probably not worth it.

*You can add this in, if you see fit.
** I use this in a very broad sense.

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