Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Island of Bossed Souls

Ireland has become boring, predictable and complacent

And I dislike all of these traits.

To all foreign people who come here initially, it's beautiful and green. It is good-humoured and mystical.

But to me, all of the novelty has worn away and when I talk to friends who have come here from over-seas, they give me varying versions of what Ireland is to them or what it becomes... some say the same as I do and others do not. Most like it and some of them don't... Etcetera. But I would say the majority often end up seeing what it actually is eventually. I can now see why emigration is so popular. Ireland is full of begrudging oppressed moaners. With a few nice people thrown into the mix for good measure. (OK I exaggerate, but I'm in a bad mood. Sue me) 

Well, the same can be said about any place really. I guess some come over with expectations of what it will be like. Some say Ireland has a way of grabbing you and others are utterly disappointed by the subtle racism that the elderly (and a lot of the younger people) display when talking about "The blacks" and "those foreigners" and "All them bleedin' Europeans" and of course "The Brits". They don't want said people taking all our precious jobs, the ones that no one on the dole is bothered to do.

Eh, anyway

Funnily enough, when you grow up around it, you get used to it. It's horrible to say one can get "used" to subtle racism, isn't it?

But this is not entirely what pisses me off about Ireland, it's the "motivation" (or lack of) which is the undercurrent to keep it drifting along. It's the complacency. Everyone is just too damn lazy or peaceful or WHATEVER to do anything about it. Complacency is the death of any enjoyment for a prolonged period in Ireland. It is also one of the main reasons that Irish people have become boring and the victim complex which leads to us being ripped off, left right and centre.

- A watched kettle never boils, they say. It helps if you turn the f*cking thing on.

Ever since I've noticed this underlying problem in society, it's been bugging me. Ireland would be better if it had a bigger brother watching over it, I swear to God*. There is the government which are a shambles. And then there is the overpriced EVERYTHING all around us (Like groceries, gig tickets, booze, cigarettes, tax, you name it) to name but a few things. It all boils down to complacency. If Ireland had a bigger brother or even a pushy girlfriend, we'd stand up for ourselves a bit more. You know, like a girl-friend who nudges your ribs and makes you talk to that nice fella across the bar. Ireland needs one of those.

And this is why the need to get out of here is growing constantly. It seems to sap the life-force out of anyone living here too.

Every company is jacking up their prices precisely because no one will speak up against it. They f*cking know this you know. Your laziness is costing you money.

I passed a pub on the way home today, a pub which for reasons I will not not disclose, I decided not to occupy again. Painted all over the outside were the words "All drink prices reduced"

You see that? All drink prices reduced. Am I the only one to see the problem in that?

Why can a pub suddenly afford to reduce it's booze costs? They are paying less rent. Nobody is going there because their drinks are too expensive. The property is losing value because no one has any money so no one is going out and spending a fiver a pop on a pint and this in turn is making the landlord reduce his profits on a pint. The government are making the tax on drink spike now, as ever, even though they know it's reliability in the tax sense is steady. And they are driving up the cost because no one will complain. This is a typical move by Irish corporations/government because they know we won't bother to complain. People are losing their jobs and mortgages because of this, incidentally. Anyway, No one is complaining about the huge tax on Irish alcohol vending for example, are they?

Au contraire! The LVF (Licensed Vinter's Association) are up in arms about it because it's costing them money! Did you not know they cannot afford that huge property (Inflated because you pay huge costs on property without questioning why) even though they pull in about 300% profit on drinks? Now the LVF are your big brother only because they are losing money.  Still we say nothing because we want someone else to do it for us. This is only one example, but it's the story of Ireland to a "T"

Anyway, we are a complacent bunch, us Irish.We give out, but we don't do anything about it. We want someone else to do it. We have gotten very f*cking lazy indeed. I see a perfect exampple of it everyday:

Go out and have fun, will ya?

"Aah, no. I've done that already"


You almost have to pick these people up and shake them vigorously to have fun. Blood from a stone is a more achievable possibility.

I have been asked, if I feel so passionately about the state of the economy and the well being of everyone else, why I don't do anything about it. Truth is, I haven't wanted to. I really feel like Ireland isn't worth it any more. People here will always be complacent and begrudging, not to mention boring and unmotivated. From the very rich, who I have no time for (Why I stopped giving them my time at a discounted price) to the people on my own level who just sit around waiting for death and those who you just cannot motivate even to have FUN, let alone look after themselves. Life is short. I will never get to do anything I actually want to if I keep giving these people time they do not prove in any way they deserve.

The best thing I ever learned was the ability to speak up for myself (Or give out, as I've been told I do) After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I dislike idling when something positive can be done at no cost. I stopped supporting and passively condoning greed by opting out of buying overly inflated goods and property, etc. I am now thinking of opting out of condoning the behaviour that supports it all. Ireland is getting very stale and has lost it's backbone almost completely.

Of course I'll be told it's as bad anywhere else. I'd rather walk the fringes of a more grateful and passionate populace than stumble the fringes of this one lately I think. Unless something mad and miraculous happens in the mean time.

Or else I could just have a billion kids and have no desire to do anything ever.

I'm sorry, no. I still have zero desire to do this. I can barely support myself in this wealthy persons utopia to even consider bringing another unfortunate soul onto the island of bossed souls.

* yep

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  1. I want the old Ireland back you know the one where people did the most random funny things and would try absolutley anything just for the sake of a laugh instead of the moany one we have now . E .G ..lets do somethin randomly mad ...what if we get caught? why are u thinkin so far ahead? to tired bla blah blah lets just watch tv....:(boring !!!