Friday, July 30, 2010


Yeah, I go on and on about it. But I actually cannot get over how gimmicky the iPhone is.

Here, it costs about €400 at least to own one. The iPhone has a phone, MP3 player and camera built in. MiPhone has that (See what I did there?). I was pretty sure that's all a phone needed until I seen these things.

We are fickle, humans. We are materialistic and we're also greedy somewhat. Everyone wants to think they are getting something for free. I know I do. But I also know when I am being duped.

So, you are told that you get lots of free extras in an iPhone.

You get thousands of free apps! (you never needed before!) And you combine loads of gimmicks with practical stuff! And you paid €400 for it! Yahoo!!

iPhone 4g specs and what I think of them: (Same! denotes what my shitty €150 phone has)

my phone- no touch screen. What do I need this for when buttons will suffice? = gimmick

vibration, mp3 ringtones = same!

headphone jack, 3.5mm = same!

endless phonebook entries and photocall = WHY do I need endless phone entries. I know about 100 people and call probably 5 of them regularly and that's still only once or twice a month!

Photocall - first of all I have know idea what this means. Do they mean photo(graph) call? What use is that? Why would you want to call someone you are  photographing and why wouldn't you just look for them by name anyway? If they mean video call, what practical use has it over normal calls unless you are calling abroad regularly? Money in Apple's pocket, fickle tag for you.

100 dialled and missed calls - If you are not going to answer your phone you shouldn't have one

512 RAM - ram to run your battery down from all those useless apps and for Apple to charge you replacement on a new battery! Yay! MP3 plyer? Why not! - Gimmick

16/32gb memory - have you seen how big a photo is these days? 1 - 2 megs minimum. That, your songs, your messages, your numbers, your applications... Oh, and you cannot expand the memory on these things - Gimmick

GPRS - Why? In case you get lost jogging? Or will you need it on the mountain? Didn't you know moisture damage voids your warranty anyway?- Gimmick

seriously, why though?

Wlan and Bluetooth - Same!

USB - (Finally!) - Same!

Camera - 5 mega-pixel. Remember, the bigger your camera, the more memory your photos and videos will take up. Video calling over WIFI only. Yes, because while we're walking down the road, we will want to be looking at our phone instead of having it up to our ear. Nice one.

CPU - 1ghz Apple  A4 - battery battery battery...

And these are some of the other gimmicks I could strip apart but am getting too bored to continue:


MessagingSMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email
BrowserHTML (Safari)
GamesDownloadable, incl. motion-based
ColorsBlack, White
GPSYes, with A-GPS support
 - MicroSIM card support only
- Scratch-resistant glass back panel
- Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
- Digital compass
- Google Maps
- Audio/video player and editor
- Voice command/dial
- TV-out

And let's not forget the all important disclaimer:

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

Anyway, unless the best iPhone is available at a price of 200 quid or less in the mean time, I won't be getting one. I have had many potential Apple marketing employees bicker with me over why it's so great recently but in fairness, that is what they want -  people who love it to try convince people like me why I should want one too. It just does not seem economically viable or practical enough for me to change what I already have in order to get one. I mean, if there was even free public WIFI in Ireland I would be swayed slightly into getting one as I feel it's one of the iPhone's only strong point. But as we're getting ripped off on both Internet and iPhones, I'll be sticking with my 'oul Nokia E51

That is all

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