Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a Little Push

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- (First 2 paragraphs taken from Whitney's blog) =)

Stuck In A Moment...

So I've been thinking and what I've been thinking is this: Why exactly, I don't cash in on the fads set by modern society.
We're always working to an end, a possible future or some idea we have
about ourselves. We think that somewhere along the route we'll be
happier for the hard work we do now, but you know what? We never are.
Hard work now doesn't pay off when you weigh it against the loss of
right now. The sweat and tears we pour into trying to compete for a
place in the world
But the funny thing is, and I thought about this a lot, why struggle
for a piece of the gold? Why struggle for a place in society or a big
house on the hills? When I look down, I see my body and that pretty
much assures me that I'm a part of it all, no matter how much money I
have or don't have. Each and every person is capable of being an
adequate building block, an adequate citizen, regardless of what they
want in their mind-projected future. Some time the future will be now
and I won't feel all that different about it so long as I stop
sacrificing all I have for precious little. And what is the point in
working so damn hard for accommodation you don't want in a place you
may or may not stay in? If you ask me, it's investing precious time of
a very limited life that if you are not happy about in the immediate,
you clearly have no way of enjoying in the "future". There is no time
to enjoy but right now, I think. If you really want to change
something, don't think about it or project it, just do it. =)

Of course there are downsides to being stuck in the present. The
classic case of the undereducated couple who don't know when to stop a
good moment and the girl ends up pregnant for it. Your moment
continues onto a long period of responsibility usually resulting in
some kind of disappointment or other. Of course it goes without saying
the planned ones are usually happy occasions. I got to thinking about
sex in great detail on more than one occasion, as you can imagine and
it's really all just about a single moment for a guy. For a girl,
luckily enough, you can enjoy moment after moment so long as your man
has the stamina and skills to accommodate. But the principle is the
same... you can only really plan properly the next few moments of your
life unless you want to end up with prolonged changes or shelved

Apparently Ireland has two quality past-times, incidentally. We like
to have sex and we like to travel. That is why Ireland's birth-rate
and emigration statistics are so high. We must be the meek for we are
slowly inheriting the earth. Just a thought.

No one can really say what exactly they will do in the future per-se.
We can extrapolate that we will say and do and want the same things as
time goes on and all we pay for the supposition is our general
happiness. I mean, that is not a big price to pay is it?
Well, I am from the school of thought that in order to be any way
happy in the future, you have to make sure that you are happy right
now. I mean I do go on and on about this anyway so there's no need to
elaborate too much, ey? But still, to go on by example, let's look at
the college student. They go on to an establishment to further their
mind, their education, because they want to excel at a particular
subject or activity. So they go to university, study their chosen
field and enjoy the experience, the joy of being in the company of
people with similar interests so much they never want to leave. I'd
say 90% of anyone I've known that has gone to college has felt the
same way. Future plans have been shelved often-times to make room for
more study, or experience... or whatever. Anyway, the point is the
same. If you stop doing something just because you are expected to and
not because you want to, you are likely to be disappointed. If you go
around making concrete plans based on other people and they are not
met 100% you will be disappointed.

Anyway, without labouring the point too much more I'll leave it here.

I'm sure I went off on a tangent somewhere along the lines anyway.


A few side notes that inspired this piece:

Plan for yourself and make those plans reasonable.
Don't base your plans on maybes and possibilities and definitely don't base it around the participation of someone else, especially if they are only half interested. Remember, they are also half-interested in something else.
If you are not happy now, you won't be happy in your imaginary-world-future. You will always be the same person, just make sure you're a happy you rather than a forced dismal throw-off.
Things won't happen how you plan 'em unless you plan on treading on a few toes along the way or are ignorant of a few things happening around you.
If you don't enjoy hard work and saving now, you probably never will.
There are people out there who feel the same way as you do, so don't force your ways on someone who clearly has no interest in them.
Your ways are suitable and 100% correct always. For you.


Stuff that inspired this piece:

U2 - Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of)
Eckhart Tolle's - The Power Of Now
Anthony De Mello's - Awareness

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