Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today: Dynamos

The blog is so-called, because that is what I had to type in to post the link on Facebook yesterday. I thought it was quite funny... "Today is aaaaaaallll about Dynamos!"


What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

A Question everyone asks at some time or other. "What the hell am I doing here?". To the philosopher, a question that asks for the reason humanity exists at all. To the scientist, a question that requires statistics, probabilities and theories. To the awakened, a question that requires explanation as to why they have ended up in a situation they have no rational reason for being in. To me? Why the hell am I in a country that I am bored of. A country I have no attachment or anything in common with. I am not working for the economy or the, well, Bastards with a capital "B" to put it bluntly, who run it. I have no real commitments to stay here. What the hell am I doing here? I have no idea. No reason. It makes no sense at all. Yet here I am. What's up with that?

Catholics And Numbers

So it's no secret that I left the Catholic church recently. According to the CSO, There were over 3.5 million Catholics in Ireland as of 2006. These are the same Catholics who apathetically supported the Nazis in WWII, the same Catholics who apathetically ignored the abuses going on in Industrial schools and the same Catholics who don't change their policies while persecuting gays, women and anyone who wears a condom or has sex before marriage. There are many ironic things I think, is that of the number that are counted in the Catholic population there are huge amounts of single mothers who baptise their kids... remember, sex before marriage is wrong and conception outside wedlock is wrong also. I guess it's a lucky thing these guys don't use contraception eh? There is a major amount of people too, I notice who are joining anti-abuse groups and anti paedophile groups on certain social networking sites. A contradiction I feel, when actively belonging to the worlds biggest persecution group. These are some of the same guys who are baptising their kids, no questions asked as A FORMALITY. There is power in these statistics you see. Every Christened child is another brick in the solid wall of abuse, inequality and ignorance in Ireland and the world at large. I guess it's somewhat fitting though that I know a few racists out there... also baptising their children into Catholicism.As you can see here there was no shortage of photos depicting the relationship between the Catholic church and the Nazis. As for fighting against paedophiles... you belong to a huge paedophile ring while actively counted in number as a Catholic. It's OK to be Christian. Jesus, if he did exist had some good ideas when they were fresh from the horses mouth 2000 years ago (apparently). But there is no need to be a Catholic Christian any more than there is to be a God-fearing bigot.

The Stare That Shook Me

What I do in my spare time, is promote a paint ball site in Bray. I'd rather be promoting paint ball than promote debit or credit cards. You don't get heavily in debt while shooting your friends and you won't lose your house from paint balling. However, sometimes when I try talk to people about it, it's as if I am asking them how I should kill their parents. They look utterly disgusted  when you offer them some kind of fun. But that is Irish people on a large scale... reluctant, tired, very boring and easily offended. I often get some terrible looks when promoting paint ball. Sometimes I get shot down. Sometimes I face some of the rudest snobs the country has to offer. But there was one person who really got to me the other day. When I think of them it makes my heart feel really sad or some other emotion, I'm not sure. It was a toddler. A toddler outside Spar in Ringsend. I was talking to a girl and I glanced at the child and you know how she looked at me? She smiled. And then the child waved. I never felt so trusted and so welcomed in the last while. That image haunted me today and I felt like getting sick or something. It got me thinking. How do we grow up from innocence and just start despising people for no reason at all? It's puzzling. But there is one saving grace and that is that every small kid like that has the potential to make someone feel weird (happy?) for a while until the people around it start to effect it and do whatever it is they do to make them guarded, mistrusting and in some cases hostile. It's a real shame.

That's all I got for today

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