Monday, July 5, 2010

Living In The Plastic Age

I wasn't going to write anything today. Then I looked around me, searching for inspiration and you know what I found out?

I think maybe we're using too much plastic.

We're obsessed with it. Everywhere I look in this room there is plastic. Even when I look in the fridge there is plastic wrapped around food. Do you remember when milk cartons were just made from paper? Actually, do you remember glass milk bottles? Not that long ago, aye. All you had to do was punch a hole in the top and ya got yer milk. Boom. Then they started packaging milk in paper because it was cheaper. People didn't like having to rip that corner in order to get to it though, so eventually we started using plastic screw tops. We're a lazy bunch us.

Of course, plastic takes an awful long time to decompose, as does any man made substance. A plastic milk carton can take up to 30 years to fully dissolve. Plastics, depending on their composure can take up to hundreds of years to fully degrade. We sure struck gold in the creation and use of it. Plastic everywhere... household items, motorbike parts, computers, televisions, clothing, CDs, packaging... that's everything I can see within a short distance. To think that all has to be remoulded in order to justify it's existence in the first place. Plastic products, plastic possessions, plastic people.

Yep, somewhere along the lines someone twigged the idea that if plastic had a long lifespan then we should start grafting it onto ourselves. Plastic surgery, boob jobs, dental caps. We are becoming plastic people. Some folks, realising their own mortality decided that they could not go on without a little plastic makeover. Hey, if your skin is falling off due to the effects of gravity, why not give it a little immovable boost by having it grafted to your skull or your chest? Nature cannot break down the unnatural effects of plastic! Take that mother nature... BAM!

Of course you can plaster yourself up like there's no tomorrow and you'll soon see it was all in vain. We all die sometime. You'll be harder to burn with fake boobs and a plastic clef chin, that's for sure. But before you do go to get that plastic makeover, consider this one thing for a moment: plastic is finite in it's creation even if it has a high life expectancy. Plastic is oil based, and we're not exactly knee deep in oil these days, unless you want to pay about $90 or so for a barrel of it (1 barrel of oil is 159 litres) to supply your plastic addiction. Yes, some people do get addicted to plastic surgery, as do some with tattoos... we love to skewer ourselves in all kinds of ways, us humans. We are also addicted to the use of plastic so much so that generally we are blind to it. Now I'm going to become a hippy and boycott all plastic use and go live in a tree somewhere. 

Yes I'm exaggerating. Sue me. Sue me for all the money I'm worth. Do you take cash or plastic?

EDIT - I do not think personally think plastic surgery is plastic implants, I was being somewhat ironic, which apparently still does not suit me. But you never know what people will do in future :P. I was from the school of thought (before I used trusty old Wikipedia for reference) that perhaps plastic scaffolds or maybe plastic seals were used to treat scar tissue, but a good friend of mine soon steered me right. To you I say: "Thanks!" To read as I read, Try This Link


Click the link and Sing Along!!

Every day my metal friend
Shakes my bed at 6am
Then the shiny serving clones
Run in with my telephones

Talking fast I make a deal
Buy the fake and sell what’s real
What’s this pain here in my chest? 
Maybe I should take a rest

They send the heart police to put you under,
Cardiac arrest
And as they drag you the door
They tell you that you’ve failed the test

Living in the ...
Living in the plastic age
Looking only half my age
Hello doctor lift my face

I wish my skin could stand the pace
In the bed I read my mind
Remember how the mice were blind
I watch them fighting in their cage
Could this be the plastic age? 

They send the heart police
To put you under cardiac arrest
And as they drag you the door
They tell you that you’ve failed the test

Living in the
Plastic age
Plastic age
Plastic age

They send the heart police to put you under cardiac arrest
And as they drag you the door
They tell you that you’ve failed the test

Living in the plastic age
Plastic age
Plastic age 

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