Monday, July 26, 2010

What The F*ck Happened To My Choice, Man?

I have too many things to say about choices, but I wanna discuss a few of my "favourites". That is to say, I'm not fond of all of these things, but I like to be able to drag them kicking and screaming out into the public where they cannot hide any more. It irks me when my choices are restricted by others and it also irks me when I'm subjected to the choices of others. Anyway, in no particular order, here are my Top 10 choice related favourites:

1 - Phone calls

You know when you get that phone call you weren't expecting? OK, not always bad. You know when you get that phone call where someone's on the end and they are giving out to you over something rubbish? I'd like to have the choice of whether or not to take those calls. I certainly gain the choice next time that number rings. I make sure of it. You know those phone calls where the caller decides to subject you to an hour long monologue of everything they've done in the last... hour? I want the choice of whether I want to listen to that or not. What the f*ck happened to my choice, man?

2 - Destination

You know when you have said in passing to someone that you might go somewhere with them sometime as a sign of good faith? You know when they rigorously hold you to it instead of just going themselves? You know when they ask you "do you want to go to XXX with me?" and you say "No" but then they say "But you said you'd go to XXX with me" and you're like "What the f*ck happened to my choice man?" That bothers me.

3 - Radio & Music

I stopped listening to the radio because there was no choice available. There is only the usual soulless stuff that anyone could have written. There is so little diversity on public radio yet you are expected to pay RTE for the "privilege". So the radio and MTV and every other corporate giant plays the same crap all day and subjects you to DJs talking complete sh*t constantly and I'm like "What the f*ck happened to my choice man?". If there is one thing that is more irritating than radio generic music it's DJs who think they are interesting and the people that don't switch them off. You have a choice. The one other thing is people blaring their terrible taste in music at you while working or whatever and subjecting you to awful music overlays on Youtube or something. What is with all that awful stuff on funny accident compilations??

4 - TV

So I have opted to choose not to watch TV for the same reason as public radio. It is so unbelievably bad that it's not even worth switching the TV on before 21.00. Car insurance? Dr. Phil? Jeremy Kyle? Claims Direct? Endless hours of  TV soaps? Feckin "The Hills"?? Where's the option to watch something else? What the f*ck happened to my choice man? Oh wait, you have to pay through the face to get it, don't you? And.. f*cking AND you have to pay a TV license too! That is piss poor man. At BEST it's piss poor.

5 - Reading

So my choice if I want to read something is: Go on the internet. Forget Tabloids, broadsheets... they are both the same. Full of shit. Celebrities I never heard of who are suddenly popular, but when I ask someone why I get the same confused looks. I've given up on the papers too, incidentally. Depressing stuff or just plain rubbish. I want to do some light science reading, where do I get that? What the f*ck happened to my choice man? The popular choice is utterly disappointing to say the least. And then I got some folks who gave out about my blogs (they were phased outta my "friends" list recently) and I'm thinking, "hang on, didn't you decide to click on it? And didn't you decide to get offended by it?"

6 - Random Insults and Abuse

So you know these people who go around insulting everyone? You know these people who attack everyone they see and those who go around abusing people like physically and mentally? What the sh*t is that? You know when you're out for a drink and this asshole comes over and starts giving you grief over your hair, clothes or tattoos or something and you're just left going "What the f*ck happened to my choice man?" cuz all you wanted to do was wait for a bus or something? That f*cking p*sses me off no end.

7 -  Pro-Choice

Now if I'm not mistaken, the same f*ckers who subject you to sh*tty newspapers, terrible TV, terrible abuse and awful awful radio are the very same as those who need the ratings and support to continue on their assault. It makes sense that there are people conditioned to support them so why not tell them they don't have a choice in whether or not they want to have that illegitimate child in order to build up their ranks? (Pure speculation!!) It's easy to bully someone into making bad decisions, just look at the ratings for Eastenders and you'll see what I mean. People who want the choice of whether or not they want to have kids to oil up this machine are not allowed to because it's "wrong" to not carry through a pregnancy if you don't want it. If you were raped by one of society's thugs, it's wrong to want to delete those few extra cells in your body that could contribute to f*ucking up your life and the life of that child who didn't choose whether or not to be born. In other words, if I get a girl pregnant, the zombies in society decide whether or not we can decide to terminate the process here or not. I have to rely on the public backing to make my decision or else inconveniently travel to do it. The same people who decide to read tabloids, listen to generic music, watch crap and go around abusing and limiting others because they never took the choice themselves get to decide my fate. What the f*ck happened to my choice man? I am p*ssed off at the closed minded limitations of the majority side. Use your f*cking brain (if you have one after all that brain melt you suffer)

8 - Too Much Choice In The Supermarket

I read a funny cartoon in Calvin and Hobbes once. Calvin's Dad goes to the supermarket and is presented with too many varieties in each thing he needs to buy and ends up freaking out. This happened to me recently and I laughed in hindsight at that situation. I tried searching for the cartoon but couldn't find it. What the f*ck happened to my choice man? But seriously, There are far too many varieties out there. I mean, why do we need so much of this stuff? Laziness on one part I think. It's great to have choice, but not when the manufacture of it drives up the price of goods. And on that note too, It's good to have a variety of places to shop to keep down the price of goods also.

9 - Government

There is simply no choice between governments out there. Two right wing choices will have the same effects and pretty much the same policies. When push comes to shove, they will put big corporations earning them and the politicians money before you. There is no centre-left choices out there, no liberal democrats. What the f*ck happened to my choice man? I don't want any of this sh*t.

10 - Addiction, Smoking

So why am I subjected to your second-hand smoke? Why am I subjected to your abusive behaviour as a result of over-indulgence? Because I have no choice apparently. What the f*ck happened to my choice man? It disappeared as soon as you made your habit social. And you defend your "right" to do it. Well I have a right to be left alone and to have clean lungs. remember that the next time you are subjecting someone to your decisions.

And The Bonus Choice! - Death By Choice

So you decide to hang out with losers and violent criminals. You are active in gangland, as it were. You pretty much seal your fate when you knowingly hang out with scumbags and criminals. Look, no-one deserves to die unnaturally and no-one deserves to be murdered. But you know what these guys are like and you can stop participating any time. You know that shit kills you, but you put it consciously into your body by choice. You participate in that death-defying hobby because it makes you feel alive! But you know equally, that it may kill you. A blind-eye is often turned to these activities but what of euthanasia? When someone actually can't bear the pain of living with a disease? When they know they are past their willing participation in this world? Suicidal people are different. They think there is no other way but death. By the pro-euthanasia folk know there is no other way. thinking and knowing are two different things. Physical anguish and mental anguish are two polar opposites. With the pre-euthanised, usually it's the mind willing but the flesh weak. With suicidal people it's the mind unwilling and the flesh capable. The mind can go on forever but the flesh cannot and does not. This is why I would like to know  What the f*ck happens to my choice if I need to make it, man? I already went through depression and survived. I could do it 100 times. But if I am suffering painful cancer or something I want the choice of whether to sail with it and live in pain or just see my time out as I see fit. Or unfit as it were.

That is all

Free Will

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