Monday, August 16, 2010

Hidden Ignorance?

It's beautiful. It's not new though. In fact, it's been there as long as man has been around. It's a great way to shun people you are not interested in knowing or speaking to. Just turn your head. Or just don't turn up. Stop going to work. Don't participate in conversation. Say nothing. Do nothing. When you don't want to participate, the best recourse is to stop doing anything that ties you to the task. Don't speak. Don't go. Don't get involved. Don't pay attention. Don't have an opinion. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

Pure ignorance is not bliss. Dogma, prejudice, homophobia - All pure ignorance. General ignorance is a victimless crime however. Those who cry cuz you don't call, those who are pissed off because you have no opinion of their affairs, they are guilty of the same thing as you are. Every so often they will just not get involved.

When you receive that threatening letter - just don't answer.

When you receive that phone call you don't want to answer, put it on silent or hang up.

When you're sick of dating that guy/girl. Don't turn up.

When that person on a social networking site is annoying you by constantly posting mundane updates or thing that don't interest you - block 'em. Remove 'em.

But in all instances, do not answer or participate, for even to do this, shows some kind of interest in them.

Now only the pure soul, the old hand and the patient type can keep going in this regard. I mean, they don't want to maybe say nicely "Emmm, stop what you're doing please", rather they put up with it. They give the minimum attention then carry on.

Maybe I'm being hard on general ignorance by saying we're all "guilty" of it in some way. It's a perfectly innocent thing to do. And it's subconsciously accepted by everyone.

"Oh, I just didn't get/see your message"

"Oh, I didn't notice you walking down the street"

Generally accepted ignorance is a trojan horse on our high morals and principles. And it's hugely funny when someone tries to deny it or decides to take one personally. C'mon, you all knew the answer already!

Ignorance is bliss, because we all need a small amount of it in our daily lives. Pure ignorance, as in lack of understanding, is just plain bad. I mean, I understand why my calls are hung up occasionally or my texts unanswered. But there is no good reason to shun another human being just for being human.

But I'm not gonna get into that here.

I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of this. And I know you are too ;-)

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