Monday, May 17, 2010

Captain Midnight

Howdy all

Well it's been a week since I wrote anything on here. It's gotten to that stage where I think I was overdoing it. The good news, at least for me, is that I have been keeping my own notebook fairly up to date. But it has been a really busy week and a half so I haven't really had the time, despite having nothing but time off. Figure that one out.

So tomorrow I am finally getting my motorbike fixed for good, as in I am replacing the back tyre and, well, that's about it. But you wouldn't believe the shit you have to go through, as well as money in order to get a 160/60- 18" tyre. Anyway, I'll be glad to be done with it.

And I have finally started selling paint ball in my spare time as a nixer. I made one sale today and plan on getting a few more in by the end of the week. Just have to swot over my notes for roughly 3 or 4 minutes to make sure it works out :P

For now I'll keep this short and hope to get a kinda bi-weekly thing going on when things settle in and calm down a bit. I have plenty more stuff to talk at length about and a few more things to give out about. Watch this space :D

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