Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day In The Life

I'm not going to edit this... It's too fucking long!

So I had a mighty feckin' day today.

I decided to catalogue the day step by step from the word "go". It was just one of those days that doesn't happen very often. Now I didn't know what way the day would go when I woke up this morning... because I had that demon doubt hanging over my shoulder as everyone does. But I am sick of his shit lately as you can probably tell from my posts over the last while. He was nagging in my ear and I was just going on as I had intended I would.

I had a job interview today. It's the first job I went for since I finished my last one. I was waiting for the right spark to start the fire, so to speak. As far as I'm concerned, you just know when something is right for you and when it is wrong. This felt right though doubt was trying to hold me back. Anyway, I'm gonna bullet point my progress of thoughts until I got in the door home today.

- Woke up at 8.30, ate, printed up a CV and then ran out of the house

- How do you sell mediocre music? The same way you sell mediocre products... with a nice package!

- Standing in the rain waiting for an interview. Standing in the sun waiting for an interview. Waiting. Waiting for an interview. At least I'm doing something, ey?

- Got to the LUAS stop in Rathfarnham... Discovered I have to get to Stephen's Green to go to Tallaght!

- Jumped off at the Red Cow. Dammit, I need to get wheels. I need to change my attitude too.

- Rang Leeanne (the Interviewer). Have to get the LUAS to Tallaght after all! Then I gotta jump on a 69 bus to Citywest hotel. Leeanne said that the LUAS driver should direct me to that bus.

- OK, I've decided that if the job interview is successful, I'm pulling my savings to buy a motorbike. This time it's gonna be a Honda Bros. I'm going to renew my learner's permit too. Only have 10 days left to do it!

- Fuck, gotta get new rain gear too. So it's gonna be 1000 max for the bike. Looks like I'm going second-hand again. Only way it'll work out.

- After I got off the LUAS, I waited 30 minutes for the 65B to take me to Citywest hotel. Driver told me the hotel is only a few minutes away from the last stop. It's not Hong Kong, but it's a long journey, nonetheless.

- Just got a call... apparently I'm heading for a place called "Coolwater Complex". Nice name. It's not actually at the hotel though, few minutes on foot away from it. I'm 30 minutes late at this stage but Leeanne says it's grand =)

- Think Phil and Claire live out here... All I see is trees and mountains and not much else. That's how I remember Tallaght for some reason, though I wasn't sober when I was here last :P

- "Discount Fuel Deals" - I can see why they went out of business.

- Just had a thought... If we were ever meant to invent time travel, surely we would have had visitors from our or other futures already? That is assuming that the present isn't the only thing that exists.

- Hey, I'm only 15km from Blessington now!

- Took another 20 minutes from Tallaght Citywest Industrial Estate to get to the house. I am now 1hr 20 mins late. Called Leeanne, she was grand with it. There is hope in the world.

- Got there, greeted with smiles. Interview was just a casual chat that lasted about 1hr. Watched half an orientation video and had two mugs of coffee. Oh, and Leeanne was HAWT and really sound. Every little helps.

- "Sunday - Mel & Fionn, Liffey Valley, up until 7, maybe 3-5? Monday - Leeanne will call."

- So, got there for 12.20 and left at 13.40. 1hr and 20 minutes interview. Best one yet. Sorry Paddy, your interview, though concise and honest only comes second.

- Feeling pretty good about this job now. Definitely more perks than pitfalls. It's basically all about being outgoing and talkative. Just seen The Edge driving a JCB.

- Listening to "Closer to the Heart" by Rush. Feels like I'm getting there. Quite an adventure, this!

- Oh, by the way, The Edge was not driving a JCB.

It was a forklift.

- OK, I'm on the bus now. Straight forward to the city centre. Fantasising about having a shower now. Still thinking about that Honda Bros too.

- Change is ALWAYS there if you want it. You just have to be brave enough.

- Build up a stable base of experience. Don't seek too much advice. Advice is doubt in your heart and getting further from the real motivation. Age is just a state of mind or rather, the state OF your mind :D

- Feel fucking good about today's meeting. Playing over a sales pitch in my head to see what feels right. "I haven't felt like this in so long" - Got Me Wrong - Alice In Chains

- Running commentary? What's wrong with a walking commentary?

- "Still I wonder why it ain't right" - Inside - Alice In Chains

- Job has great travelling opportunities attached to it. First, I'm gonna settle a few short term goals.

- There is nothing to feel but what you feel right now at any given moment. And the great news is you can change it because you are the only one that can. It depends upon no-one.

- Now at the Red Cow coming back.. Thank feck it's not rush hour. Rush - Yay! =)

- Was great to be in an interview where I could actually be myself instead of pretending to be someone else.

- Just got a fresh wash of nostalgia there. Felt fucking great! I think this is the "something" I have been waiting for. The job, not the nostalgia :P

- Still waiting for a LUAS. They are faster than Dublin feckin' bus anyway

- Conductor looks like the guy from the shining. I doubt he ever seen it and I doubt anyone ever tells him that.

- Between the rialto and fatima LUAS stops there is a mural of a granny who looks like a cross between a cookie and Freddy Krueger. Odd :-/

- At the james' stop there was a fella who looked like the drug-guy from Withnail & I. Watch that movie... awesome!

- Compulsion = Propulsion

- Just reached Stephen's Green LUAS stop. It's now 15.22. Gotta hot-foot it to Rathmines post-office and then to Megabikes on Camden Street. Tomorrow I'm fixing my provisional license. Gonna get an insurance quote too.

- Attitude change - I don't do doubt any more. Life's too short.

- Arrive at McDonald's in Rathmines after the post-office. Time for a well-deserved feast! I feel the creeping hands of doubt on my shoulders. I have no time for them!

- Rush - The Enemy Within. Listen to eeeet!

- Just saw The Edge walking through the Swan Centre. Hahahah!

- Keep playing over scenes of a sales pitch in my head. I reckonh I could be good at this =)

- I have re-affirmed my ideas about goals. MY goals, no-one else's

- You only get what you give. I think you definitely do only get what you give. If you want more from life, more from yourself, you gotta give a little more. It doesn't even need to be financial so long as it's personal and willing.

- Anything goes. Everything goes. The less you believe this the less happy you're likely to be.

- Why does this job appeal to me? I get to talk to people... sure I do that anyway. And I sell stuff. Stuff that makes people happy (not drugs :P) That's all I was looking for. No one gets conned and there is no need for fakeness.

- Just got home. Yeah! Time is now 16.27. Long but fucking good day!

Anyway, so that was how my day and pretty much any relevant chain of thought went. Just after I wrote this, I bought a Honda Bros for 900 Euro... bye bye public transport :D

I got a job and I'm working alongside some nice people. I feel good that being a con-man has nothing to do with it and I won't be sucking blood to sustain solicitors.

It's all good :D

Feck, that went on longer than I expected. Pic of "new" bike tomorrow :-)

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