Thursday, May 6, 2010

Extra Extrovert!

It's been a hell of a two day period.

Actually, it's been a hell of a week... much more busy than I am used to, but the last two days definitely have been the most occupied.

The last two blogs I wrote, I was tempted to just copy/paste them. The last day even had me slightly stressed out (I never get stressed) and I even missed my philosophy lecture tonight too.

But it's not like I had so much to do that I was running about like a madman. It was nothing even like it.

OK, maybe it was a bit like it. I was just busy and very happily so. I spent all day yesterday running about like someone who likes having their nipples jacked up to an electric battery. I went from Rathmines-Ranelagh-College Green-Abbey Street-Red Cow-Tallaght-City West-Saggart- Bluebell-Abbey Street-College Green-Ranelagh-Rathmines and then fell to bits, all with an interview in between. Then today I bought a bike, bought a helmet, chain, insurance, drove to Swords, pushed a great big bike about the place numerous times only to find out I was the one that wasn't working, not the bike. I then got home, chatted, ate, talked at great length about stuff to people and now lay here in liquid form. I'm so tired, yet I want to do more!

So I don't have the same, sitting around, days on end doing nothing appeal any more. I just want to do stuff. As I sit here gazing through one eye at this screen, I wish I had some booze in me , or at least someone to motivate me to do it :D

Funny thing: I was driving to Swords today and lost my wing mirror just on the road to the motorway. As I stopped, a traffic cop started giving me shit and just drove away. Like that, just zoomed off. I'm telling ya, I just attract weirdos. That is, with exception to anyone who would take this as some sort of offence :P And to add insult to injury, a car drove over the mirror itself and cracked it. I now have a bike with a cracked and selotaped wing mirror. Tubular

Yeah, a lot of funny stuff happened today. But it makes me glad I'm so tolerant, level headed and patient, because any normal man would crack under that kinda pressure. I'm not sure that those are good traits in this instance. Maybe I should just become a volcano face. But seriously, if I didn't enjoy actually just buzzing off people, I would be lying in a canal dead... or at least floating there off down the ways enjoying the soak.

So yeah, I got home and had several chats all in the space of two hours. Fallout 3 is buzzing in the background and I haven't touched it in half an hour.

My sister just called too. People call me all the time I just realised. And chat windows. It was actually 20 minutes between that last paragraph and this. Ah I don't mind. When you're not talking you're thinking. And when you're not typing you're thinking. Generally I find that when I talk or type, there isn't a lot of room for negativity which is something that pisses me off more and more the older I get. But it only pisses me off when I think about it :P

Thinking is over-rated.

I remember one time, years ago, two of my best friends and I were discussing personality types and I suggested that I was introverted. They thought I was crazy for thinking that but I genuinely thought I was. It turns out, all these years later while typing this, I realise I'm blatantly extroverted. I can't stand silence in the room too much, I only think when I have to and it's rarely too deep (though some dispute on the contrary) and I am always talking to someone. In fact, I got a nixer now where all I'm going to be doing is talking to people. Talking and selling. Did I mention I like talking? I wonder how long I spent on the phone today or engaged in conversation of some sort. I think I was genuinely introverted once. I think I was because I thought there was no other way to be. Others, any time they said something loud to me in class or whatever, were always heartless, dumb or mean. So I thought that it was only worth saying something if it was bad. Then I tried just saying good things and found there were in fact more people who liked that method more.

I guess I just knew the wrong kind extroverts. In fact it's fair to say they were probably the types who sit about thinking too much about what's wrong with them! They bind together in insecure groups of introverted insecure people and fire their ammo of insult to make their little fortress that much more secure. Little do they realise it's volatile and temporary. They try to make normal (weirdos!) feel like freaks. Haha, so ironic I want to explode! Since that realisationthough, all those years ago, I haven't stopped talking. Here I am in a room by myself talking on a blog. Isn't it great that we can communicate even without ever seeing other people though?

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