Wednesday, May 26, 2010

General Knowledge

Our society is failing to keep us up to date with important information

Our media is fickle and the masses are perfectionist and careful, apparently

Everywhere around us, celebrities are lying to us. They lie when they host talk shows. They lie when they say they are monogamous. They lie when they say they are sober and they lie when they say they are trustworthy. They are radio presenters, pundits, sportsmen and women, actors, news readers, gossip columnists and they are evangelical preachers.

But they are not the only liars among us... there are more.

They are truck drivers, office staff, retail assistants, warehouse workers, firemen and politicians.

We offer each other so much crap that we forgot how real things are.

We are treating war like it's new and surprising, religion like it's beneficial, politics like it's trustworthy, television like it's entertaining and tabloid gossip like it's original.

When did we get so blind? When did we stop seeing the truth?

We would like to believe that there are no perverts, there are no murderers, there are no rapists, psychopaths and torturers. But there are, and always have been. Have a look through history and then look at the recent press... it's no different, just how it's sold to you. It's Sensationalism and you want to believe you are in different world to all these people. Here's some real news: you aren't.

We would all like to believe that there was a man out there who doesn't cheat. Doesn't look at other women. Doesn't like to do his own thing in spite of what he tells you. If he says he doesn't want to, he is lying. Men are men. We belong to the same sex, have the same genes and interests. Gay or straight, we are still men.

(At this point I would have liked to talk about women, but seeing as I am not one, I could only take it so far, so I didn't.)

We would like to believe that there are celebrities out there with concrete relationships. People of a high social order that will prove to be that rock of hope that will justify all your fantastical dreams of a perfect relationship. People have been pounding the shit out off each other since the dawn of time. Just sit back and let the realisation sink in. It's real. That shitty gossip column you read is moot. Some guy got his rocks off. Big swing. Some chick left her husband: she found out.

We would like to believe there are rich people who genuinely look out for the interests of others and hand all their own money out to the poor and needy. We would like to believe that money doesn't make you selfish and greedy. We would like to believe that the pariah of the rich and famous will donate all his money to the third world. That's just Idealism. What better way to earn popularity but though talking the talk, not walking the walk. There are many who have done it. All the good and effective ones were killed because they were too good at it.

What we read about and watch on T.V is just basically a pile of garbage. History will teach you everything you need to know about right now. Nothing has changed, just the people who are participating. This does not mean we have to lose hope, in fact it's the opposite. You can relax and sigh relief in the knowledge that everything going on around you is quite consistent. It's been happening since Homo Erectus became Homo Sapien. All that happened since then was that the competitive ones stopped killing each other as much and instead talked about how much better they were than you. But they are just the same really. Like when you read about the cheating footballer, you know that could easily be you. When you read about the handsome male actor who left one woman to be with another, you'd do it too. When that fake celebrity knocked up another girl soon after his wife died, that's pretty normal. You'd like to think you were different, but you are the exact same. It just gives you comfort that it's out in the open and that it wasn't you who was the example being set.

Thankfully though, not everyone is a psychopath or has cruel intentions in their heart. There are a few good people out there who actually genuinely want to help each other. Granted, they still have a sex drive, which makes them the same as you and me in the grand scheme of things and if they are lucky, they won't have a controlling centre like the media, religion or a system in place that tells them they cannot express their sexual nature in case they might be exposed. Though that is news, it certainly isn't a surprise I'm sorry to say. That pretty much makes your gossip magazines, news-rags, T.V. sensationalism and movie plot a moot idea once you tune in and stop being ignorant of what has been going on forever.

Nothing and nobody is perfect. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you can have a happy existence. You are no different than any other human. That is a good thing. You can relax and enjoy life.

General knowledge is a lot more general than you give it the credit or recognition for.

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