Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I just wated to call this blog Nautilus for some reason

Here we go, another week has begun for all those who would return to work today after the bank holiday weekend. For me, it could be just another week, but it has some small differences as I will go into in a minute or so.

So it was a bank holiday weekend. Yeah, apparently those who would work like to do stuff on a bank holiday, but it seems that I don't know many of those people, or else I just know those that would travel home on bank holiday weekends. Ah well, I tried. But it wasn't all bad... in fact, it was mostly good.

On Thursday I went to class, got home and then went for a few impromptu drinks in a terrible bar, but it turned out to be fun after all. Friday was a kinda relaxing day... did some writing in McDonalds and then took it nice and easy with Fallout 3 and Trailer Park Boys that night. Saturday I spent out in Swords, crawling around an attic. I think this Friday will be spent doing much of the same. Saturday night I had another impromptu piss-up with an old friend of mine in some loud dance club. It had been a while but it was nice to talk to someone I have so much in common with whom I haven't talked to in a long time. Sunday I spent fairly hungover, but that didn't last long. After much gaming, we went out for a few more drinks in a terrible 80's bar that was called "Madonna's". Quite an unskillfully named establishment if I do say so myself. I fell into a very particular man-trap that comes in the form of wandering in no particular direction and then being handed a flier and accosted by a very attractive promotional chick. To cut a long story short it was a bar attended by loser blokes and about 5 girls. Suffice to say, I bet the majority of them fell into a hopeful trap. I just wanted a drink that was relatively inexpensive and was side-carted by some OK-ish music. This bar had neither. I just looked like another single loser in that crowd. But thankfully I was neither there to pick up strays out of desperation nor was I trying to forget I was afraid of being lonely in the grand scheme of things. To be quite frank and honest, it all seems a bit too much like hard work. Even getting chatted up by an older woman towards the end of the night was hard work and quite unintentional, suffice to say I departed that scene in great haste.

So that brings us to bank holiday Monday, where I neither had the money nor motivation to do anything. I did think some more about a project I've taken up which is restoring my old bass. It's a Sunn Mustang that had been greatly neglected over the years since I stopped using it. Basically I bought the thing when I was 16 at a price of IR£120 and slapped away on it for about 3 years until the electrics were shredded in an accident. A friend of my brother's offered to fix it up for me after the accident and tore the shit out of them and a new scratch plate I had bought to replace the old one. What it ended up as was a custom job (albeit a half-arse one) which saw a tiny section of the new (and expensive) scratch plate I had bought being used to cover the pickups and a kinda sawed-off version of the volume/tone section used in covering some improvised new electrics from an old Fender Jazz bass. This setup didn't last long until I lost interest in playing some time ago. When I did regain the interest in playing again, It was on a Vintage Precision Bass that I bought for the modest price of 30 Euro about 4 years ago. At the time I was in a band with a couple of friends of mine called A Third Season, which later went on to be named "Escariot". I can't believe I actually got to recording two tracks which made it onto an EP. I didn't use that piece of shit for the recording though... I used a Rickenbacker. My one and only experience with using a Rickenbacker :D Anyway, the electrics in the Vintage bass weren't worth fuck either way and burned out eventually after about 3 years of use. You get what you pay for I suppose. So yesterday, I took the scratch plate, bridge and the pickups off the Vintage and took everything from the old Sunn Mustang and started to scrub it up and re-assemble it to see what it will potentially look like when it's finished. I think it will work out well. I'm going to chisel out a large section of the body to put in some precision EMG pickups, but I haven't decided whether or not they should be passive or active yet... the difference being that I will have to find a place to fit a 9V battery,if I do choose active ones hence the chiseling out of a large section under the scratch plate. Anyway, it's all ahead of me, but I'm excited at the idea of 1. restoring an old and sentimental instrument that I found out is quite a rarity and 2. doing something worthwhile for a change :P

So, after much rambling about nothing in particular, I get to the point of what I was going to say at the beginning there. This week is quite unlike any other I have had recently as in I have to be in Swords this week to attend, quite ironically, a conformation of a nephew. I somehow doubt I will be in the church though. They don't like Heathens like me there anyways. I reckon one conformation is enough to sit through in this life besides.

Another thing I have to do this week is a job interview tomorrow. I barely even know where it is I have to go to, so I'm gonna make a phone call now to find out. It could either break the repetitive cycle I've had lately or just be another experience I have to chalk down to... experience. But who knows until I go, ey?

Not I, not I that's for darn tootin'

I love how ridiculous that sounds :-)


Oh and by the way folks, it doesn't matter how much you complain about volcanoes, that doesn't stop them erupting - there, I said it.

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