Friday, February 19, 2010

Battle of the Ages

There once was this little planet called Helzbich that orbited as star so far away that it can only be seen in redshift by the world's top astro-physicists. However, radio waves interpreted by modern technology were decoded and they picked up a tale about this little planet so far away in time as to almost be forgotten.

Local lore spoke of a huge intelligence situated on a planet in the same system called Alpha. There were great many ideas beamed straight to Helzbich from Alpha and civilisation on Hezbich grew rapidly as a result. It grew so fast that after only a few years, denizens of Helzbich could travel outside their planet and visit other planets like Warteva Doob, situated closer to their sun. The denizens of Warteva Doob worshipped the sun because it gave them light and crops, but the denizens of Helzbich now worshipped their lords on Alpha because of all the technology they had afforded them.

Alpha asked only one thing of Helzbich in return for their technology... That their denizens would never leave Helzbich for any reason other than to continue to send more people to mine on Warteva Doob and to bring back ore from the planet to leave on a moon of Alpha called Sooka. Helzbich were indebted to Alpha, so they agreed.

In the mean time, the miners from Helzbich, who were working in the mines of Warteva Doob were taking insult to the denizens of Warteva Doob as they were referencing their new immigrant workers as "Ma Doob". Ma in Warteva language meant "Visitor to" but in Alpha language meant "Property of". Very soon, tensions mounted and the denizens of Warteva Doob, who weren't getting much in return for their precious, but purely decorative ore, Decided enough was enough, as they were getting no payment for it other than cheap jewellery and animal skin clothes. Warteva Doob were a peaceful people and had no experience in war or technology, but their hearts were pure and just. Their government represented the minority of people, but those people happened to vote, so the government represented all by default. Pretty soon, solar war was declared.

Alpha, in the mean time never advised Helzbich, nor stopped them, from staying away from violence, they only advised them to keep depositing the ore to Sooka for Alpha's use. They never mentioned the cutural difference in language that Helzbich had noticed and interpreted for themselves. Eventually, with no help from Alpha but purely from the knowledge they had acquired for themselves, Helzbich acquired a massive H-Bomb and blew Warteva Doob to smithereens. They had no more tensions and no more ore. They had done their lords proud.

Eventually Alpha stopped co-operating with Helzbich and Helzbich civilisation begged for technological advancement. Alpha now asked that Helzbich send it's denizens to Sooka instead, but only the miners. They had no means to carry on by themselves so they had no choice. As miners were in finite supply, eventually they ran out of those too. Helzbich were in a crisis. They decided to invade Alpha.

Alpha were so technologically advanced that they easily won the war. Scholars , Historians and Scientists of Helzbich were able to isolate the reason why Alpha had won so easily. Their particle cannons were running on a special ore that had come from Warteva Doob and had crystalised from years of mining in the denizen miners of Helzbich. They had known that this day would come and they obliterated the entire Helzbich army in the blink of an eye and half the denizens of the planet Helzbich in collateral damage. The remaining denizens were moved to Alpha's moon Sooka after Helzbich became uninhabitable and were used as slave labour, making more particle cannons for the Alphanian army. A few had tried to invade Alpha in protest, but never got closer than their poisonous atmosphere before dying. Alpha had never told them how to.

The last remaining slaves from Helzbich transmitted this message in radio waves before submitting to exhaustion and dying off, some hundreds of millions of years ago. "Reality", they said, "was unbarable to deal with without dependence". "I hope your society, if you get this message, can learn from Hellzbich's plight. Peace be to one and all in the universe. May your lords serve you well"

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