Thursday, February 25, 2010

Masters of the Universe

I'd like to start by quashing any hopes you might have about reading about He-Man right now.

OK, now that that is out of the way, I just want to share with you, something I have been mulling over for quite some time now. Actually, it's not item specific as such. This will probably drone on and on about this and that and finally rest on a point that I never meant to make... which is so often the case when I start writing. Still though, just to justify the title and to get something that's been niggling at me out of my head, Masters of the Universe, this one's for you!

Recently, I have become the master of my own universe. Well, so I'd like to believe. I have resorted to channelling a lot of my ideas about life into 2 departments for now and to play by ear, where all others should fit in. For stuff that my experience has led me to believe are true, I have started "Matt's Daily Rant" which already I am starting to regret somewhat. It should read "Matt's Daily Theories" or more accurately "Matt's Bi-Weekly Theories" soon changing to "Matt's Weekly Theories" or "Matt's Bi-Monthly Theories" and so on. Let's face it, I'm not getting paid to do this, so I only really do it when I feel like it. It's not that I want to earn money from it, But what I have now is just scraping me through life. But the main thing is, I enjoy doing it so the ends justify the means in that regard. Also, I have taken theories in their infancy and shared them with a friend of mine, Roland Peacher, to see if anything comes from them. Results are interesting so far. It's Roland's input that helped me come to the impermanent conclusion that I am indeed master of the universe. But only my own universe. I have mine, you have yours and if they cross over, all well and good. They usually do. Now bear with me because this is gonna get a little bumpy.

You have your world and I have mine. I like where I live. In my world, there is an explanation for everything. And if there isn't an explanation for everything, there's a theory. And if there isn't a theory there's an analogy or story or something like it. It makes the inexplicable quite bearable and tolerable. There is no answer as to why I participate in it only to the end that it helps others to participate too. They could be gay, straight, black, yellow or even fucking purple, but they serve the exact same end as anyone else. In my world there doesn't need to be a creator or a reason so long as everyone is happy. The only time there is a problem in my world is when man is being killed by an unknown force that cannot be linked, through fairytale nor paranoia, to some faction or group. As long as a man doesn't believe he is a master of his own universe, this will continue to thrive as an idea or dare I say, Ideology. When your world crosses into my world via anything that isn't a necessity for living i.e.: religion, money, hatred, dependence then that's where things start to go wrong. But I am happy in my world, so I don't need to acknowledge such intolerances.

But you say I have an ideology of my own do you? That's where your world crosses unwelcome, into mine. Let me tell you about my world a little bit more. The inhabitants woke up one day and they were fully aware that they were alive. It didn't all happen at once, it happened on different days, to different people over a course of thousands of years. People noticed they were participating in a living, breathing society. They noticed others were too. Suddenly, as if by magic, people were saying things because they wanted to and not because others wanted to hear it. People were doing as they would without harming others because they wanted to and not because they were told to. People realised they were alive and that they had something known as time to work with. These people knew that they had only about 70 years or so to do all this stuff. They didn't sleep because they had ideas. They didn't eat for comfort, they did it because they were hungry, they spoke, they wrote, they played and they expressed because all their inner universes functioned better that way. They all became masters of their universes by writing their ideas down. The people that lived in their Inner Universe came to life. They lived in songs and film. But they did not insist that you believe them. They were written as expressions of true feeling and necessity. They were optional.

And so it goes that I had to follow suit. As I read up on ideologies, claimed songs were good because everyone else did, followed blue-collar journalism because that's what was normal, followed main-stream fashion because all the blue-collar journalists printed it, I ceased to function in my universe and became a part of theirs. Their universe is unstable because ideas change there so often. It's not an easy place to belong because everyone in it is unhappy and unstable. It's always in a state of flux. In my universe it's normal to be sad and happy in equal measure, it's normal to wonder why the first person belongs solely to you, it's normal to get clinically depressed, It's normal to have sex with a person if they have similar genitalia to you, It's normal to want to be left alone and love, is something that passes and is impermanent. I became master of my own universe because there was simply no other way to exist. I've seen you around you know. Is that because our worlds are crossing over?

Or have you always been here?

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