Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Matt's Daily Rant

First of all, i owe the name of this particular rant to my brother Dug who named it while i was distracted. I just wanted to get that little elephant out of the room before a mouse came in and, well, you know how this analogy ends.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet where i will most likely have a problem with everything you cherish and hold dear.

The world is such a strange place to live in. It's crazy, random and all over the place, just like the people who inhabit it.

Now I know you will say that not all people are crazy and random and you'd be right (haha, quite literally) in saying so. Some people do not like to be crazy and random and all over the place . However, I am one of those people that happily embraces randomness and change and goes with the flow of things.

"Now", you ask, "why should i follow this particular blog and not some other fella's?"

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. What I can say in my favour is that your visit to this place should be colourful, now that I have this incessant need to keep typing and saying stuff that no one seems to agree with of late. My Facebook daily status updates were pet named "Matt's Daily Rant" by a few people who know me and I have to say,I felt honoured that more than one person actually read them (at last count it was two)

It also may be possible to post a few more things I've been working on here on my trusty little netbook. I even bought a pad and pen the other day because I just can't stop dreaming up of things to write about even on the move. Who knows, this might be a fad and I might soon grow out of it. I may not. I have a few things I'd like to share which some of you might remember or I might elaborate on if you ask nicely enough. Also, i would like your suggestions on stuff i could ramble on about in future. Sometimes I have to think of other things that are important to me like Food, Sex, Booze, Gaming and maybe one or two other things.

I guess the reason I like to write mostly is because this whole damn bubble I call a home is changing all the time. Even my body is changing and my mind, well, that always changes too. Apparently every single cell in your body will change after seven years so you eventually become a new person whether you want to or not. It sure is fun watching people cling to their past and old ways and I'm no stranger to it either. But I just can't keep that information to myself. Whether this brain of mine is a blessing or a curse, offering me an alternative perspective to the status-quo, is a decision I am incapable of making myself. There's no point thinking about it, I just cannot reach a conclusion.

Conclusions are overrated anyway.

I'm pretty sure most of those people who have had to put up with my status updates of late are not entirely happy with them or don't agree with them. That's a shame. I would say "Fuck You, You Bastards!!!" but what would the fun be in that? It'd be like pissing in the wind anyway. If everyone agreed with me I would have nothing to talk about and the world would literally stop spinning. I like that some folks are so rigid and unchanging. They are like big drawing pins on a map of the earth that has been ripped off the wall.

Sorry, that was the first analogy that cam into my mind.

Anyway, i have a book to work on and i hope that the two of you who read this feel welcome to drop by any time.

This has been Matt.

And this has been My Daily Rant

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