Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The odds are stacked, but you're unique

So I was out with a friend today and had a very stimulating conversation indeed. It's always great to catch up with people you haven't seen for a long time. I'd be fucked without it to be perfectly honest. What am I, in the end of the day... Why, exactly what I started out as at the start... A loose bag of skin with a blob of jelly somewhere in it that has ideas and notions. Pretty much the same as anyone else. When I look around, that's all I see. Old bags, Young bags, Self-concious bags, Fat bags, Skinny bags and Disguised bags who drive around in over-priced auto mobiles all for the sense of self worth. Skin bags who need to justify their existence through other material possessions. I'm no different. A skin bag with silly notions and nothing to base it against other than a blog with 0 viewers. No Car, No Money, No Home, nothing. What do I do with myself? Well from time to time I Justify my existence and silly notions by chatting it out with someone I think can stand me for a little while. Did pretty well too... That conversation lasted just under 2 hours. Turns out we're going on a reconnaissance mission to find another confused skin bag we call a friend. It's going to be awesome!

OK, the term "Skin bag" might be a little upsetting for you. Well that's too bad. Have a look in the mirror tomorrow morning and call yourself something else if it makes you feel better. You, like me, are an insecure skin bag. Your name might be Daryl or Jacinta or Pedro or something equally spine-chilling, but you are just smart-talking meat dressed in lovely clothes just like me. But do not even think of despairing for one moment! There is no need. I didn't come here to call names or depress you, no, I'm not that way inclined. You are important. Very very important indeed! Think about your financial situation for example. Are you poor? If you are reading this you are probably not too wealthy... I don't know any wealthy people. But you are useful! Much more useful than that Arts degree or that Diploma in engineering, both of which have gotten you nowhere except out of the pit of worthlessness, a rung higher than the rest of us. You are more important than our useless politicians who are only a few thousand in numbers to that of our 6 billion+ world population. There are more of us than them! We must be pretty damn important, right? Yes we are. If we didn't exist, there'd be nobody around for rich, materialistic people to feel better than. We are important. We are individual beings with a huge sense of self worth that cannot exceed that of our rich counterparts who, I suspect, have a hidden extra appendage that they never show us,that makes them feel important. They are superior beings. They mix together only. And they have their BMW that they like to drive dangerously too, let's not forget that either. They keep the useless politicians there and the politicians turn them favours in order to keep the balance. The rest of us are left to deal with only what is in our brains. We have nothing else to think about because we are poor and bored. It keeps us stimulated for things to do to pass the time, like paint, create, write, converse about reconnaissance missions and so forth. Artists are always poor. Funny enough, so are the religious among us who actually do believe. There are also another faction that exist. Those that want to be rich and forget their troubles. They sacrifice life and limb to afford that which they have been led to believe they should own. They are so far from humanity and so far from materialism that they are frustrated. Confused. I'd rather be a ranting Skin bag than a confused one. And definitely more than one who didn't scrape through life and learn a thing or two about people. I share one thing in common with the Rich skin bags. I try to avoid the skin bags that have fucked, or will fuck me over and the Rich skin bags avoid them because they know no different. They were bred and schooled to do that. I just learned the hard way I guess.But at least I wasn't ignorant. I should count my blessings, for want of a better word.

I'm not sure where I was going with this. I had a starting point and an ending one too but I have trailed off as usual and will, therefore, miss my target by a few inches. This is the problem when writing, I find that I have too much going on in my head at once. Way too much on this topic that I could type to reach my goal in a way I'd be happy with. My friend and I discussed how I should keep a raw copy of what I write, should I choose to change it. I thought I would do a justice by leaving this as-is. How wrong Was that! Anyway, I wrote two notepad pages on this today and I haven't even touched on what I actually wanted to write. It occurs to me now thatI probably should have omitted this paragraph. Raw copy indeed.

So anyway, Just on an ending note, I want to say what I feel is my official opinion on the Uniqueness of each and every individual out there. On each well-dressed, self-justifying, shallow/deep, degree-earning, utterly self-fulfilled being out there that fights for what they want only because someone else has it;

We are all Unique
We are all Individual
We are all entitled to what we want and should not be restricted in getting it
(Are you with me so far? Great!)
Each of us is 1 in 6.8 Billion, give or take a few hundred thousand
(a billion. that's 9-12 zeros, depending on what side of the Pacific ocean you're living on, but in this case, Wikipedia tells me it's 9 zeros)
That is exactly 1/1 in 6,801,600,000
That is a 1/1 in 6,801,600,000 chance of making one person, completely happy
Now, if said person considers say, love, money, humour, personality, body and sexual performance as factors of happiness, that has changed your odds to 6/6 of 1 out of 6,801,600,000
If your loved one is unhappy with any of these factors, that lessens your "happiness factors" considerably. Things are looking grim for scoring Dympna in accounts if you last only 3 seconds in bed.
So now your chances are looking between 1/6 of 1 - 6/6 of 1 out of 6,801,600,000. You are either working hard to impress the shit out of your loved one, or you are searching constantly for the majority stake in "Happiness factors". Keep truckin'!
If any of these factors are contrived in any way, she or he is not for you! By trying too hard you have lessened your chances to 0/6 of 1 in 6,801,600,000.

No-one likes a liar! That is a negative factor! -1/6 for being a big fibber!

Love is blind! There are plenty of Fish in the Sea!

Feeling better yet?

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