Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Luck!

I can only hypothesise on what I think is going on at any given moment. I could not tell you 100% about what is currently happening or what is going to happen. I cannot tell you even how I will personally feel in 5 minutes time. Chances are, I will double, triple or quadruple back on this piece etc etc before i post it. I will say it here and you will read it. You may believe me, you may not. However, I'm confident you will take my word on it, from my perspective and add your own little twist. Chances are high. I'm taking a chance on writing it and you are reading it. It's not high stakes, you might get angered or enlightened by it and either way, I will be unaffected. The one thing I can say in certainty though, In general, you will agree with is that there are two definite things in life... Birth and Death. One day I was born and one day I will expire. And you will too. Every other event that happens in my life between those days is down to probability and chance. Chance will play a key role in everyday pursuits and achievements. It's fair to say chance is a fairly big deal too. I'm not drawing any conclusions here but in my opinion there are three definite factors in life. Birth, Death and Chance. Chance is neutral and can work negatively or positively.

Luck is nothing. It's a linguistic trick laid down by lazy and dependent people. It is laid down by cowards and fools. Luck was invented by people who are scared to try things out. Typically, these people can be heard uttering phrases like "If I'm lucky I will win the lotto!" "if I'm lucky I'll get that job promotion!" "I'm unlucky in love". It's quite a shambles when you leave your actions or lack of actions down to luck. I guess I do say it myself out of habit. Thing is though, when I want something I work for it. I'm not against the use of the word... fuck it, it's a free world. I'm just against the dependence on it. I've noticed the overuse of it more and more these days and the dependence on it by folks on the lower end of the food chain. What else can you depend on when your government shits on you and the chips are down? You hope your luck will change. I'm sad to say it won't. Chance is all you have to depend on. We all know luck is a bullshit concept to live by. You cannot depend on it. Luck stands in for lack of motivation and lack of talent. It's true. Well, chances are high that it is anyway.

When you consider it, Chance is a pretty big concept in life. Definitely well above that of "luck" and what we understand it to be. We, as a species only exist by chance. We weren't "lucky" to exist. How can something that doesn't exist yet be "lucky"? We are existent as a species purely on the fact that our planet resides where it is in this particular solar system. Scientists will tell you that chances of this happening at all ever are pretty slim but quantum physics will tell you similar... that it's low in probability but not impossible. Einstein would have said "God does not play dice". Luck is not innate, chance is. Apparently man is made in God's image so will you kill that spider in your bath? Chances are 50-50 that you will. God can smite, why can't we? Yes, chance is innate in us by that rationale. God and man works in mysterious ways apparently. Why do you cross the street when you see that dodgy looking guy? Cuz chances are he'll attack you. You don't know. So why do we exist? Who knows? You are not "lucky to be alive". You are alive by chance. 1 in a billion apparently. The human species does not exist because YOU are lucky. Shut up. Stop being so selfish.

So let's look at chance some more. You make chances higher by being persistent. I got with a girl once by being persistent. I'm not particularly good looking nor was I wealthy or even successful but I guess now, looking back on it, that I was just determined. It's the only thing I think I had going for me. It just kinda pissed me off eventually sitting around waiting for luck to play it's part. You have a pretty low chance of your lotto numbers coming out on top. Your chance is just the same as anyone elses. Unless of course you buy more lines, but that's higher chance, not luck. It's not your luck. remember, the world does not revolve around you. It's your luck versus everyone else's, which means that it's cancelled out by a null factor. Tough luck. If you think your luck is low and someone else's is high, chances are they are trying harder than you. It's that simple. You didn't get that job or promotion because your chance is either heightened or lowered by what you put into getting it. Low qualifications, not trying hard enough. Your boss is not stupid. You didn't get the promotion because you didn't work for it. Plain and simple. If you think it's because of your bosses mood or something, chances are he's pissed off because he didn't assert himself.

Luck is about as useful a word as religion is in this day and age. I will say one thing though, religion isn't a stat you can build up in a video game, but luck is. This means that non-free-will characters can have an opportunity to do things because they cannot rely on chance. If you tell me I have no free will, I will probably punch you in the face.

Chances are high. And you can count yourself lucky I warned you.

Achievement is no accident. Take some chances.

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