Friday, December 17, 2010


I love how we're always trying to blame someone else.

Every time something goes wrong, it's someone else's fault

Every time we're stuck in traffic, it's someone else's fault

Every time someone upsets us, it's their fault

every time our country screws us for money it's their fault

Well, that one is a bit more complicated. We are to blame for voting for scoundrels, ultimately. But they should't be thieves either. It's a mix 'n' match.

But seriously, we are always blaming others and often the faults are all our own.

"That's the third time that fucker let me down!"

That "fucker" is simply a fucker. You on the other hand, should know better. Your expectation let you down, not said fucker. We are all fuckers in fact. Just because one of us does a little more than the other fucker, does not mean we are any better. Often we are so sad to be human that we try surpass that skin puzzle by thinking we are better than being human. All skin bags are fuckers because we are all fallible in the same way. We are all human and we all defy the expectations of the next skin bag. You should have as much leeway for this afformentioned fucker as the fucker has for you. Obviously we are not enlightened to the fact that we do not deserve expectations.

It's OK to trust someone you know well. Did we forget that we only trust someone we know to be reliable? Trust is easy to lose and fucking hard to gain. We are in fact to blame for giving away trust so easily. Remember, you can still befriend someone without having too much trust in them.

And when you're frustrated because traffic is not moving... big fucking deal. Traffic was not made for you, you decided to be there, for better or worse. Remember, your mortgage keeps you in the car which is in the jam. That mortgage didn't choose you, you chose it. You are there by choice, not the other way around. So you are trying to offset your expectations on some other hapless bozo in the same mess as you are. And you both chose to be there.

"Oh the poor economy, it's bollocksed because of the government/bankers/ etc.

Granted, some didn't know anything was wrong, but if you did know something was up and voted 'em in regardless or you had any knowledge something was going on and didn't do anything about it, you are just as much to blame as those who did it. You allowed it. You should be ashamed, really. Even if you offset the responsibility to someone else, you should be ashamed all the same. I know who I voted for. Once responsibility comes into the game, then blame can only be utilised when justice is jeopardised. Another debate for another time perhaps.

In fact no one can point the finger at anyone. We are all "guilty" as the next human for making mistakes. No human, big, small, fat, thin, young, old, rich or poor has any more right to blame than the other.

(Arguably, so long as we are in fact more than a few cells with no conscience)


* how can you be "guilty" of something you have no control over. I dunno. What a completely rubbish word in this instance.

Blah blah blah


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