Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wilful Neglect

They say mankind uses only 10% of their brains

I happen to think it's a lot less than that. We're not using our brains. And we're only using half of our hearts. That's where "half-hearted" comes from, for Christ's sake.

Money has become the substitute for justice and decency, just as it has become the perfect parent to our children.

I don't want to talk about the legal term for "Wilful Neglect" Because to be honest, who do we turn to when we want the law to work in our favour? Lawyers, solicitors and the whole legal profession in general.

The problem with law now, is it's become a business that is as money driven as a huge chain store. Whoever has the money gets the law to swing in their favour. Because big effort for a Lawyer, Barrister or Solicitor is big money. Even look at public defenders being paid by the state. I bet there is great cash in that. They don't even have to do their job properly.

And it's just a job for most. Not a vocation. Not a necessity. Clock-in Clock-out.

Wilful Neglect to me is practised by everyone, not just Law however. I just wanted to have a dig at law because it fails the common man and has us say, pay huge debts back for the filthy rich, let's scumbags off on technicalities, hassles the innocent instead of the blatant offender and always, ALWAYS supports the government in charge, regardless of whether they are virtuous or not.

No government has ever been virtuous, by the way. No wilful human being would watch another suffer regardless of their background or record no matter who they are.

It's wilful neglect. And money is the law.

So how does it effect us? You may not see it unless you look closely. We are all responsible. The Law is only responsible for judging the guilty, regardless of how wealthy they are. We are responsible in making sure our kids do not turn into the lowly scumbag, the wealthy tyrant or even the common thief, albeit a lawyer or a mugger.

We neglect our heart's true intentions. To love, support and honour every man, not just our partner. It extends to our kids, to our cousins, our neighbours and our countrymen. Hell, it extends to mankind as a whole.

When you watch a kid misbehave or suffer and try to quieten it with treats or ignorance - that is wilful neglect.

When you watch a misguided fool treat another badly on the street without intervention - that is wilful neglect.

When you witness injustice on any level and do nothing within your power to avert it - that is wilful neglect.

When you punish the atmosphere knowingly, thinking your contribution won't matter - that is wilful neglect.

When you bully or mistreat a person with physical or mental abuse - that is wilful neglect.

When you bypass a starving or freezing person and pretend you cannot spare enough for a cup of tea regardless of what you think they will spend it on* - That is wilful neglect

Wilful neglect spans all different walks of life and every profession. People with genuine lack of brain power or the genuinely ignorant (those who do not know better) are the only ones with the right to claim wilful neglect because they had no choice in where or how they were born.

The rest of us who do it, aught to be ashamed.

Oh and in my opinion... in my opinion - modern law practice should be disbanded firstly, regulated and then audited by virtuous government so that individuals practising do it for the right reasons only.

Another pipe dream by a couch humanist.

*On this note I feel the good deed is done with whatever you can afford. It's not up to you what anyone spends their money on. If you buy into fad singles charts and fashion I have bad news for you - someone else has decided what you spend your money on. That cup of tea doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

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