Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Squandering Our Prophets

Teamwork is a good thing. In a general sense it represents community and you cannot spell community without unity. Unity, as I have discovered lately, is how the human race exists. It's how we have survived and developed since we learned how to craft and create for the benefit of everyone. We are all one in essence. "One for all and all for one" etc etc. I think the worst thing, in modern history (and in the grand scheme of things all our history is modern) is how we have all been taught to be greedy, competitive and selfish. It's something I personally struggle to come to terms with, the more I think about it.

Man has only existed a couple of thousand years. In that short time span, some major religions have sprung up over and around the ideas of a few good men. And I don't mean the movie. When you think about it, there have been only a few truly noteworthy prophets - Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Confucius (or Kung Fu Tzu as my girl friend points out :-/ ) and the Buddha. The rest have been falsehoods or embellished ideas of a mix of the few mentioned. There have been a few noteworthy guys on top, and many many underneath them. I could say the principal of the School of Philosophy and my lecturer is another, but many would think I was nuts for saying so, only because we have been schooled to think differently over the last few centuries . His ideas, like mine are pretty similar to those of prophets over time. And to be honest, it's not hard to find these kind of "revelations" (for want of a better word) if you look hard enough. Let's have a look at this in brief.

OK, so it's fair to say I can only talk about Christians in any great detail as I was once one. And in fairness and I dare say I am closer to one now than any of the crazies I see talking about "God" in great detail on TV and on forums and videos. Maybe 1 or 2 who actually go to church are real Christians, but who am I to say differently. The Bible can be broken down, through all it's heaps of bullshit to 2 simple commandments - "Love thy neighbour" and "Do unto others as you will have them do unto you". The rest is clap-trap and taking the same shit and expanding it outwards. If a person were to "obey" these 2 "commandments", then all would be fairly well, I figure. Gone would be hunger, poverty, greed, corruption, murder, rape and so on. Any decent human being could find these simple "commandments" if they obeyed their feelings... and I mean the deep down ones. All the easy solutions and answers would be at the foot of your bed, to speak figuratively and metaphorically.

And let's say for argument's sake, that Christ had disciples and followers. People who would spread the good message of a man who discovered that it was easy to be decent and that the only way for someone to listen and understand him was to speak metaphorically. The same guy who just "knew" that being decent, understanding and caring was human nature. Why wouldn't all his friends and close followers speak metaphorically too? Why wouldn't they make up similar stories to carry the messages across? Why wouldn't they assume that we'd all just "get it", even down to the very dumbest of us? Was that too much to expect? Too much to assume or hope for? Show of hands how many people believe all these stories of miracles and odd happenings? Do they happen now? No. Did they ever? No... well, probably not. Paranormal activity didn't die out with the first followers. Chances are it never existed at all. Let's be honest here, truth is stranger than fiction. Some of the best stories for movies and literature exist because of the workings of the human mind. Why not use these stories to stimulate human nature to do something good? Every now and then a good writer or film maker tries to do the same thing. But these aren't prophets, they are just honest with themselves. And I certainly don't see any Hollywood writer setting up a church... at least one that's free and has good ideas :-/ But who knows? I bet Jesus didn't expect to have so many crazies and sub-humans follow him thousands of years later. It could happen. Stranger things have. And I bet Jesus would be spinning in his tomb, if he were ever there, once he found out how corrupted his simple message had gotten. But I think his ascension is another metaphor. That is to say you can transcend grief to find peace in death, but again, who am I to say?

And so, it is a given by most, especially the greedy, the selfish and the ignorant to say that they are believers in "the word". But this is a moot concept because they act in the opposite to their chosen Lords. They read the gospels, believe it and that is that. They will not act in a good way because they believe the metaphor and expect that if their selfish deeds were bad that "Whoomph" the good Lord would appear, or speak to them telepathically and tell them to stop. It is in their defence that if it were bad, they would be "directed" by Him to do otherwise. And because all of the gospel is taken literally, any crazy can go on TV and extort money from those who don't have the means to survive due to the greed of others who have zero morals and fight their innate goodness, to rob the ones who need to believe of what little cash they have. So ultimately, only those who pay and earn a lot can really be saved. And they are more important and significant than the rest of us, apparently. How does one earn and horde a lot of money? By thinking that there's nothing wrong with greed. That it's not necessary to support our fellow man because we would be told, shown or directed otherwise, if it were the case. Why listen to another man, ey? Were not Jesus and Buddha, Krishna, Kung-Fu Tzu and Mohammed just normal men who had simple, good ideas?

Times are crazy. People are crazy and we really do Squander our Prophets

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