Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live Free, Harm None

So the idea is to write to clear my head. That has always been the case. I have many things going on up here and often they disappear because they are not expressed or articulated. I answered a post on a friend's Faceook earlier and it gave my mind a jolt. It's one of my favourite subjects to talk at length about and also gives me a great sense of satisfaction, further curiosity and fills me with wonder at how people just settle for less, act greedy or cast you out as a result of it. That is belief. Belief. Ruling people's lives. Restricting your values and desires out of superstition. That really is a curiosity of modern civilization, isn't it? I mean right, I don't follow a belief system myself... that doesn't mean I don't have beliefs of my own. I just can take a step back and look at a flawed system for what it is and think "That just doesn't seem to work now, does it?" I could go on and on, really. I think of those poor women in the east that have to wear burkahs and suffer in silence while their brutish husbands control their lives under the watchful eyes of the Ayatollah. I think of the poor girls and guys who have to suffer the wrath of the Christian movement because they are attracted to people of the same sex. I think about those poor people who take metaphors literally and as a result, substitute care and attention for greed, purely because they believe and so it covers their tracks... they don't have to care for others. All their good work is done. They believe in God. They don't have to try. They can just concentrate on making themselves richer and greedier and in the mean time, try to put down any other rising system that threatens the stability of their utilitarian ways. Here's a thought: perhaps the way that's rising makes sense? You ever thought of that?

So anyway, I sit here and think of it. I wonder why so many are blind. Why so many are accepting. Why some people are practically getting ready to lay down and die instead of using their small amount of time to doing the things they love. I am a student of Philosophy at the moment. There is no concept I hold clearer these days than that of "God". A person who says they "know" him is so far away from the idea as to be a complete heretic. I am a heretic as I don't believe in the catalogued God. The one in the Bible, the Koran, The Bhagvad Gita and the one silver-plated to us by years of text and misunderstanding. I look to my core. God sees all? You see all. That is how it is. That feeling inside your gut will tell you what is right and what is wrong. A psychopath or sociopath may not have these feelings and will need to be looked after. Will need guidance. But the average human being knows within themselves what is right and what is wrong. One day, non-specific, 2,010 years ago, a guy called Christ was born. He grew up and had good ideas. He had to dish them out metaphorically so as even stupid people would understand his ideas. They didn't even 2,010 years later. That is tragic I feel. You know, this concept of God in modern times is shaky at best. He sees you when your sleeping, he knows... oh wait, that's another fella. But the idea is the same.

All superstition underlies the same principle... you don't know and so it scares you. If you need a bad belief system to get you through, fine. Just don't bark about it and condemn others as a result. Other people deserve as much of a chance in life as you do. My fellow humans who actually are human in both emotions and experience, and want spiritual guidance will know that to know yourself is to know "God". They don't go around barking mad saying that their personal concept rules your life too! To know yourself well is to know others, in other words. That is why I have been able to give advice to people over the years... because I was always honest with myself. I can even say this was true while masquerading to please others, all those years ago. I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to bail that sinking ship. And I did. I may be looking at eternal blackness when my life eventually expires, but I think it will be OK as long as I know, in that horrible curse on humanity that is hindsight, that I spent my time how I wanted to and didn't hurt anyone else by doing so. So in conclusion, if you don't want sex before marriage, that's how it is. If you don't like gay people, that's how it is. If you want to avoid pork, that's how it is. But that rests purely in your heart, not necessarily in everyone else's. If you want to start a hate-filled, prudish, pork-free anal society, take all your crazies and do it somewhere else away from normal functioning people.

It didn't take a book to tell me this, that's just how I feel because I am human and I resist nothing that is natural at all. Live free, harm no man and render unto each his due

I sound like a fucking prophet.

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