Monday, March 22, 2010

Ideas as Opiates Part 2

And so some days the ideas just don't flow. Sometimes you just don't have any. It's OK to have ideas and it's OK to not have any. I'm used to having them though. They are soothing. They remind me that my brain is working and it's worth something. Perhaps if they weighed a brain full of activity, it might weigh more than one that hasn't all that much. I'm a deep thinker, apparently. I get told this a lot. I actually am not a deep thinker at all. I just type or I just speak. There is no method to what I'm saying or speaking at any given time. You might say that this is not very practical or useful, but the best advice or opinions I have given people is off the cuff and totally unrehearsed. I don't like the idea of rehearsal like that. An honest opinion doesn't come from rehearsal... it just sounds like a throbbing punchline that isn't that funny.

Anyway, what was I saying? Ideas. yeah so ideas as far as I'm concerned just flow. When I am engaged in conversation with someone they just spills out. When I am idle I'm not thinking a whole lot. When I'm walking with my earphones in I get the best jolts of ideas. So it's fair to say that I think of the best ideas when I can't write 'em or talk about 'em. So I wonder if a brain with ideas is heavier than one without. I would say the answer is likely to be "no". Intellectual property is hard to gauge like that in that it has no physical manifestation in the grand scheme of things. This is something I consider talking about a lot. OK, there you have it, I don't think of ideas, I just consider having certain discussions. I reckon this is the best way to go. Discussions straight off the cuff are likely to be chalked down to experience more than a rehearsed opinion. Rehearsed opinions are harder to let go of. If you think of the best answers to the best questions that you will have in a pub, with a friend or in a live debate, I think it's likely that you will have the most impassioned debates about the issues in which you have premeditated opinions you cannot let go of. Opinions you came up with all by yourself without discussion or backup with anyone. It may not be true, but I think it's very likely. As for off the cuff discussions, it's good to throw uncertainties at someone without thinking too much as you are likely to get the best answers and the most progress with your topic. I don't know why people try hard to have cemented opinions anyway. It just seems like a waste of time and it blows of effort.

I said in the last paragraph that a "premeditated" answer is usually not a good one. It's funny in another way because the word meditate has absolutely nothing to do with sitting down and thinking about anything. The idea about meditation is to sit and clear your head of all information so as better to access the truth about anything. It's about taking the direct approach as opposed to the convoluted, pre-directed approach to your glorious rehearsed answers. I can pretty much give you a guarantee right here... If you ask me anything at any time, chances are I haven't thought about it too much and will give you at least 90% truth in an answer with 10% suspicion/cynicism margin. That's not too bad you see. Some people, I reckon, give answers that are 50% truth and 50% suspicion/cynicism and others give ones that are 30% truth and 70% suspicion and cynicism. Now I'm just throwing numbers at you here that really don't hold a lot of concrete truth, but they are more than likely true because I didn't have to think about them too much or plan them out. I'm not big on using statistics to prove a point anyway, besides.

So I was saying something about intellectual property being formless before. Well it is interesting isn't it? Apart from books being representations of stories, CDs being representations of music, DVD being representative of movies and shows and TV being representative of pop culture ideas like concerts, where does the notion of paying for ideas come from anyway? I'll tell ya for free, just as my intellectual property is free (at least for now) - Greedy people with no ideas of their own. Lets make a shape of something and charge you for it. If you won't pay to "witness" the idea, then they'll sue you.

Another idea for another day perhaps

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