Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truth Part 1

Truth is a virtue

Truth is a gift. I'm not going to say it's a gift from anyone, because that would be to go out on a limb and to go completely on a tangent. And besides, it's irrelevant where you recognise it from, so long as you realise that when you use it, you feel a lot better about yourself. you want to be near it. It feels good.

But it is available and nobody really knows it.

I think some of us have an idea of what it's supposed to encompass, and betray their own understanding of it from the generally accepted version of things.

Solicitors will tell us there needs to be legal jargon only they can read in order to understand it. Priests will tell you they can channel it. Mothers will tell you you are not using it. Lovers will say you are avoiding it. But tell me this, how on earth can all of these people know it and you don't?

I'll tell you why, because you know damn well what it is. And you dislike the fact that you can smell it a mile off.

You know when you are being lied to. You know when you are being cheated. You know when real feelings are being embellished when a friend says something but means another. You know how your relationship has been going. You know where it's stopping.

Why on Earth do you try so hard to get away from it?

The truth does hurt, it's true. And the only reason it hurts is because you have your back against the door when it's barging in. The truth is that guy the cops won't arrest for harassing you, because though you've had your barring orders in the past, you have broken them or lifted them.

You cannot keep the truth 500ft from you at all times. You cannot ignore it when it begs for your forgiveness. Besides, you owe the truth an apology, don't you?

All those friends you had years ago, but cringe when you think about. Truth is the ammo that does all the hurting. That feeling of "I told you so" when you feel let down in spite of your expectations... That's truth again. When that guy comes in late again even though he said he wouldn't. Truth once more. That pain you get when you really want to believe something but the signs just say "no", whether personal or physical or whatever. That's our friend who just won't go away again.

Now this is something I just cannot get to grips with. I don't mean truth, I mean the avoidance of it.Why do we try so fucking hard to avoid the truth? I mean the person you are talking to knows it, you know it, but the little grey area of space between you doesn't. Are you trying to piss off that grey area of space? It doesn't care! you both know the truth! Come on, we all know O.J shot his wife, right? What the hell did all that legal jargon prove then, ey?

Why is truth becoming such a commodity? Why is it hard to find a lover that will tell it like they see it? Why is there so much legal disclaimer bull when we all know what the real issue is? Man has a big problem with truth and it's right in front of us the whole time. We use it as a bargaining chip. Sad, I know. Withholding it does us absolutely no favours, That's why we cop out, believe in a God and lead unfulfilled lives. Every feckin' gobshite can have morals and principles, but only a true human can live by them. Others really need guidance, because they fear the truth. And it's the only thing that keeps us existing, I'll tell you. If you're kid is malnourished, truth is, having no access to food will kill it. If your lover is cheating, truth is they want to change things. If your boss treats you like shit, they don't want you there. If you've been talking to that girl at check-out... well you know how this goes.

So why do we trust truth in the hands of people who lie to us so often? Even on a national basis? Well we know they are liars, but we like to believe that these fantasies are true, even if we know different. Truth underlies a basic concept and that is the knowledge that something will happen if we just KNOW it will. But we know in our hearts when we are being lied to. It could be some schmuck on the radio, they could be on TV or we could be living with them... but it doesn't change the properties of what it actually is. There is nothing at all on earth like the truth. I could get scientific but I won't :P

Truth is like a rare element the rich become obsessed with... much like gold. And like gold, you cannot just "make it up" out of pure will. If there was a God, our hearts would be made of pure fucking gold, guaranteed. But unlike gold, we are all rich in truth if we wanna be.

And it's fucking free.

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