Saturday, April 24, 2010

Evolution or Extinction?

So here I am, on Saturday, writing another massive pile of shit. Well, not necessarily a pile of shit, but more just words for the sake of it. When you live in Ireland you tend to use a lot more words than normal just for the hell of it. Apparently, it's what makes Irish people such good story tellers. We like to spin the yarns, we like to talk at length and we also like to embellish small details to their utmost importance.

But let's be honest, if we told stories straight to the point all the time and I mean people, not just Irish people, Stories would be very devoid of intellect and very boring indeed. So why not? When you read a novel, do you want it to cut to the chase and be about 4 pages long or do you want to read the details and paint a nice picture in your head? Imagine the Adventures of Tom Sawyer like this (WARNING SPOILER) : "Tom Sawyer was a rather imaginative kid, pretty normal in the sense that he didn't like to do what he was told. He skipped school and decided to hang out with an uneducated neglected kid one night and witnessed a murder. Then he let an innocent guy get convicted of the crime without speaking up. Then he did speak up finally and the town thought he was great. He then eventually found loads of money and convinced his friend to get an education. Big deal."

See you could think that someone is perfectly boring (to use a weird expression that I just made up) without ever giving them the chance to spin their yarns. It's funny, but some folks do like life like this. They like their politics like this too. "Believe our bullshit because we say so and you should take our word for it." Why why why is this becoming so often the case. I thought that evolution was survival of the fittest, not survival of the dumbest.

You know, that could work in two ways though, now that I think of it. You could have each individual develop an awareness and experienced path in the world, looking after themselves and encouraged to teach the same way to their kids, or you could have a group of morons led by morons who think so who vote for them and therefore surviving on a technicality. Sadly, the latter is more often the case... That's where we get "organised" political parties, government and religion... people submitting their intelligence and free will to some oppressive kook who just shouts all the time, thinking that they are right because dead-heads support them for doing it! Is that circular logic or what? It is in my humble opinion that said political parties of democracy (in Plato's view, the lowest tier of a Republic) represent only a minority and those free-will expressing, free-thinking majority, just cannot be bothered to support such a transparent failure of governance. In my opinion, if you just listen to the loudest thing and take it as the truth without using your brain, then you probably belong to the "survival of the dumbest" faction. Sorry, but then, you don't have to read this.

Intelligence and virtue will always point an individual to details. And not just the ones we're supplied with, but the ones we can imagine exist too. This removes shallow policies and abstract promise and leaves it to us to figure out whether to accept it or not and push us to strive for more. It also colours in details of story telling with our imaginations in order to enjoy them properly. An old man may well be boring the arse off you at the bar, but you have the power to ask questions and sugar coat it in your mind in order to suit your taste. There is no such thing as a boring story, just a story teller who is either comfortable with expression or is subdued by the opinion of louder anal representatives of so-called "popularity". It is also in my humble opinion that these "poularists" are in fact not popular at all. It is far more admirable and advisable to use your brain as best you can, before nature eliminates you through natural selection. Imagine putting a thoughtless ape at the helm in charge of nuclear codes, we're all fucking doomed. That pretty much sums it up as far as I'm concerned.

So next time you feel subdued by some loud-mouth moron who calls your hobbies and interests inferior or weak, be assured your offspring will survive better in future by using their brains. Loud-mouth bullies generally end up destroying themselves.

Goodnight :-)

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