Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mother of all weekends... Paintball and Piss-Up

OK everyone, This isn't really a rant.

I'm starting to rot. I'm turning into a ghoul

And it's from pure exposure to boredom

I feel my limbs are starting to dissolve and mush and become generally useless.

And while they're at it, my brain is turning into sticky jam. It's icky pants

And it used to be so solid. It used to be like a nice, ripe turnip, but a turnip ...that had some good ideas... Em, however ...that works out.

I dunno.

But what's more, the turnip used to taste good

Em, can you imagine that? A turnip that tastes good! No friggin' way.

I can think of one person who would not ever, in a million years think turnip is good. But imagine that idea anyway. It's ironic. A turnip that kept going until it was beautiful. Impossible!

It's almost impossible


Anyway, enough about feckin' turnips! How'd I start talking about them ey?

OK, I am sick of this destiny. Not a destiny I want by any means, but a destiny I am forced into, whether like it or not, apparently.

I'm watching people drop off the face of the earth in their complacency I see it everywhere. It's rife! They are the same people who will complain in future that they did nothing and never went out, the same folks who keep saying "oooh, we should meet up some time", but no more! I cannot take it!

What I'm proposing is the monster session to decide whether or not we're ready to die off, whether we're ready to give in, whether we're gonna stop and accept our laziness and complacency or whether or not we'll look back at our 25-35 decade and just cop out or not. We have a choice in who we spend our time with whether we want to admit it or not. We can wither, regret and die from our 40's onward. Besides, if she actually loves you at all, she'll let you off your leash to enjoy yourself once.

I just want to break the cycle, that's all

This is the first step only. Do you have the energy to keep climbing or are you going to breast feed your grand-kids? For fuck's sake, you'll be 35-40 in 10 years... what'll you do then? give out about what you didn't do? Come on. Let's be real here!

The people who answer this will want to meet their friends, go mental (or just semi-insane) enjoy life and forge on before they hand their destiny away to some pissant who annoys and controls them because they are too whingey to enjoy life and be honest with themselves.

At least try to offer me an excuse I probably won't believe anyway.

21st's are not a good excuse! How many people are turning 21 this year anyway?? At last count it was a billion! First person who gives me this i will hire Vinny Jones to to go around to their house and vugger them (that's buggery Vinny Jones style. I heard he also does weddings and Christenings)

A monster session will happen on the weekend of the 22 may. That is on a Saturday, almost a month from now. Tell your fella you got something going on. Tell your girlfriend that coronation street is always on but your friends aren't. Tell her you'll kiss her arse later. I am sick of trying to organise stuff with deadbeats who shouldn't be on my mind and keep letting me down. At least this is a good way to eliminate those who would keep shrugging off a bit of fun for a life of being controlled or not being arsed, generally. People who could matter but probably aren't worth their salt. Just do the right thing, stop lying to me and yourself. Go rot in a corner if you can't be arsed.

But most of all, Just go be old somewhere else.

This is a core important factor as far as I'm concerned. People wait for one or two motivated individuals to do all their planning and just accept or shoot it down out of convenience. I wish I weren't the type to keep doing this organising. I even tried fight it for a while, but I guess it just cannot be any other way. And so it goes. But at the very least, I'll get to cut down my efforts a bit. I get to stop including people who are generally not interested in doing stuff but only pretend to fool themselves that they are.

And those rigid argumentative and close minded types, please save yourself the bother and just don't reply at all.

Thanks again :-)

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